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  1. Thanks for that reply Steve, Does anyone know if this fish-in ever happened? Tony
  2. Has anyone using this forum had problems with the online application system? I know of a few people who have, and two have been prosecuted because the application didnt work. Your comments please? Tony
  3. I have been fortunate to night fish sections of the Ouzel, and in those sessions I have taken up to 15 chubb on more than a few occasions. These fish were all taken from the same swim about 300 yards downstream of a wier, I was catching all night and missed a few bites too. Maybe in slack water they could put each other off the feed but I have never found this to be the case where I go for them. It could be if they do let off a scent, the fast flowing water carries it away. I release where I fish, mainly because it is so dark and slippery there I would fall and maybe harm the fish and spook
  4. I gave up match fishing as a kid because of the dead fish I used to find in the keep net at the end of a long hot day, tiddlers will grow into bigguns one day and even they should be released asap. I do fish in a small group nothing serious though, they only keep stuff for and hour if it is small and then they weigh up. Anything decent gets weighed straight away and released. I never win anything because I dont use the keep net. I dont believe in sacking fish either, not having ago at anyone but I dont see the point, I hold them in the margins and let them recover, then let them go. Tony
  5. Harryhawk is the user ID of the father of the Green family on Mr Cranfields shooting and fishing forum. Putting it simply Harryhawk is Daddy Green. Tony
  6. You will be pleased to know the Harryhawk family won the comp, well done and thanks from Harry. Tony
  7. I have sent the OP a PM about it as most of the dates have now passed. Tony
  8. We used to use washing up bottle tops with starlights pushed into them, if we wanted a kip we used to clip our beachcaster bells onto the bottle tops so we could see and here which rod was running. Oh those were the days (sigh) Tony
  9. Hello peeps, I used to run a club for 12 or so anglers only 4 had thier own gear, novices used to get the heavy 50lb class stuff the rest of us used the lighter gear. As for leads I have a bucket full and mold my own up to 1 1/2lb so lead isnt an issue for a few peeps at once, I wont be carrying everything though. Seriously though If I have it I dont mind lending it as long as it gets replaced/repaired if there are any misshaps. After all this generosity, I think I need to get all my gear out and check it all now. That will bug the wife, as I normally take over the whole kitchen Tony
  10. If we manage to get out on a trip together, I can lend you all you need, strictly on a "you bend it, you mend it" basis though. I might need to stock up on terminal tackle though, so a trip to the shop might be needed first. It would depend on what we are fishing for. I have 3 x 50lb class outfits and 5 or 6 30lb outfits to lend if needed. Tony
  11. Hi Sparks, I used to do trips like this midweek, well discounted. I wouldnt mind if you have a spare seat, I also have loads of rods/reels to lend if people are illequiped. Tony
  12. Yep I have an old Moonraker with eyes on the top section only, usually for a small multiplyer. Tony
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