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  1. Thanks again to Steve, Peggy, Glyn, Terry, Tom and also all the Wingham members who give up a weekend's fishing to allow the fish-in to take place. I was to have fished the Carp lake as a thank-you from Steve for putting in an extra work party to finish trimming overhanging branches before the fish-in, but the carp were spawning so I decided to fish the coarse lake instead. Only managed 1 Tench (7lb 8oz) and 5 small eels (1lb each) but the wildlife, setting and company made up for this many-fold. Wingham is IMO the best mixed coarse fishery in the country (it must be good - I joined even thoug
  2. Gear sorted, Toyota pretty much packed, Landy battery on charge (packed the Toyota 'cause I reckon the Landy's more likely to start if I have to repack). Just need to pack food & drink & mugs now. Should be away from here around 8:30, staying with a mate in Essex (Tom) tonight to shorten my journey tomorrow and let him follow me down so he doesn't get lost :-) Really hope the Landy starts as it gives Steve another taxi to drop people round the lake which helps the bailiffs out. Looking forward to it immensely, not managed a trip down this year yet despite having a night ticket. Pla
  3. Am hoping the Landy will start once I've got some charge in the battery, otherwise I've got to try and cram everything into the Celica which will be a serious job of packing. Should have used the Landy last week after leaving her parked up while we were on holiday :-(
  4. I'll bring a selection of long banksticks and some bobbins plus should have a spare couple of alarms available. I can also lend a couple of suitable rods between 1.5 & 2 lb test if anyone needs them (please let me know about the rods if you want to borrow them - I'll only bring these if asked). Will p.s. Budgie - still not managed to make contact to pick up the rods for you - have had a couple of messages left on my answerphone when I've been at work and not been able to get through when I've been free.
  5. Had a few hours on the Ouzel today, felt very cold in the wind and the water temp was still low. Managed to winkle out 4 chub estimated weights 3 1/2, 4, 4 1/4 and 4 3/4 lb - I only bother with the scales for ones that look like going significantly over 5lb. Lost 2 others when they got into the roots of the overhanging tree I was casting to. All came to double red maggot with maggot feeder and were fit, good condition, fish. All in all a pleasant 4 hours despite the wind. Will
  6. I managed half a dozen Roach from the slightly slower bit by the car park, best about 6oz. Lost a few others including a much better fish that might have been a Grayling or Chub - it wasn't on for long enough to have much of a guess as to species but didn't feel roachy. A really tough day, but as others have said good company and it was nice to catch up with folks, wouldn't have wanted to miss it and look forward to the next time. There was some talk of doing 2 LIF trips next winter rather than going back to Timsbury now the slow carrier's no longer included - I'd go for this, it would be nice
  7. I've three particularly memorable captures, first a 14lb 10oz mirror on 6 elastic, size 20 barbless hook and 1lb bottom on the pole when roach bashing in a friendly match. Took quite some landing and won me the match by a whisker over 12lb. The second is my PB barbel of 13lb 2oz, a fish that I'd targeted for over a month - knew where it holed up during the day and seen it several times, often in the company of a few smaller fish, so finally catching the big one rather than one of its smaller companions was a great sense of achievement. The final one is a 7lb 14oz pike on the pole at my first A
  8. Looking forward to it. If the conditions don't look good for the Grayling then I might have a hunt for a Barbel - they love it coloured. Will
  9. September 1st - January 31st (Inland), September 1st - February 20th (Below high water line) - except Northern Ireland which just has the main season until the end of January. Winters are variable but most water's ice free most years with December maximums being around 10 Celsius.
  10. The Great Ouse for me. Yes it's my local river, but it's also got lots of variety and specimens of most species. I can fish wide deep swims for Bream, weedy margins for Perch, riffles for dace, pools and glides for chub and barbel, the list just goes on and on. Plus it flows through some lovely countryside. Will
  11. Tom, nice to see you finally made it here I'd also recommend the various waters along the Lee Lee Valley Park Fishing There's a lot of very good fishing to be had hereabouts. We'll have to see if we can manage a day on the river before the end of the season. Tight lines, Will
  12. I sympathise with you Steve, my Father passed away at the end of November, about two years after being diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome which progressed to Acute myeloid leukaemia in the final 6 months. My mother cared for him at home with support from the district nurses, their GP and weekly visits from myself and my sister. The care from the nurses and their GP was fantastic, particularly in the last weeks - nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them, the GP even gave us his private numbers to call at any time if we needed him so we wouldn't have to use the on-call doctors. Travel
  13. I use Rain Today which also has 15 minute updates. Will
  14. The bigger problem is not the volume of water contained in the melt, but the fact that the underlying ground is likely to still be at least semi-frozen. This greatly increases the problem of run-off as nothing's absorbed by the frozen soil. I'm expecting to see a fair bit of flooding at the weekend as slightly milder air moves in (for a while - this winter's not over yet), particularly as this is likely to be accompanied by moderate rain. The ratio of snow depth to equivalent rain is very variable - the light powder that we had last week doesn't produce much when melted - could even be as
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