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  1. Lol, I forgot to mention the lesser angler thing :).

    Kamasan animals and drennan super spades are good for all species especially when trotting. They are very strong, sharp and reliable.

    Try 'em next time Viney you'll be happy with them i'm sure.

    Good luck !




  2. Viney, try using kamasan animals or drennan super spades, if you don't already. To be honest if your hook straightens the fish is usually foul hooked or the hooks your using are to weak, i've never had a (good strong) hook straighten if the fish is hooked in it's mouth.

    Just my experience m8.





    Lovely little barb Chris, I actually like catching the small one's, I like the way they dash about. Don't be fooled into thinking you'll only get small ones on the float as you'll catch all sizes, although I'm still waiting to hook a double on the float. I had a short sesh yesterday with the rods up in the air and managed 6 barb's and a chub. To be honest though I'd much prefer to catch even a little barbel on the float, it's just not the same with heavy leads, 1.75 test rods and 12lb mainline. I recognised the chub from a trotting sesh at the beggining of the season, wierd really in such a large river.

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