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  1. Just for reference, if you leave tapwater to stand for 24hrs the chlorine will have evaporated. Boiling water gets rid of chlorine. Pouring water from one bucket to the other will speed up the evapouration of chlorine also. You can even get a de chlorinator if you wish.
  2. Phone, There's a mixture in there of chub and dace, in the middle is a trout, it was a very colourful critter :).
  3. Another short trotting sesh on a river latter this avvey. I walked across the fields to the river and as soon as I got to a swim it started hissing down. It was then I realised i'd left the packable waterproof wading jacket in the car, i'd also left my hand towel. Since I was only wearing a tee shirt and didn't fancy getting soaked and maybe chilled I decided to jog back to the car and get them. Back at the swim I caught fish on pretty much every trott, nothing big but I caught a net full in every port of call as I roaved the river bank. As soon as the rain stoped it was immediately f
  4. Same goes for Brian and Norma. I lost Brians number so can't contact him, hope they're all well.
  5. I'll leave em there, prolly best as some of the old gits on here need to read something at least three times before they remember it lol.
  6. Sorry, I posted three times lol, so removed two of em.
  7. Hello Mr Blackbird, welcome to the forum, there's still a few of us post on AN, fingers crossed it does pick up in future and we get some more members like yourself coming aboard. Look forward to reading your posts and catch reports if you get out :).
  8. Hello Mr Blackbird, welcome to the forum, there's still a few of us post on AN, fingers crossed it does pick up in future and we get some more members like yourself coming aboard. Look forward to reading your posts and catch reports if you get out :).
  9. It doesn't bother wild caught coarse fish, or wild caught exotic fish in the aquarium. They all feed like there's no tomorrow after a water change, and I change at least 50% at a time. Very often a water change stimulates them to spawn! I really can't see it putting fish off feeding on a groundbait mix at all.
  10. Thank's Huge, I had a drawer full of Norgies at one time! They made my nipples look extra long and they choked me lol. Maybe the modern ones are a little better? I have a couple of tops from a brand called "under armour", decent stuff and close fitting so no baggy lumps under a jacket.
  11. The other fish was just an even smaller version of the one pictured, just wasn't worth wading back to the bank to take a pic of it, it's really slippy on the rocks and I look like a tight rope walker as I wade out or back in lol. The jacket is just a thin cheap'o thing that squashes into a small bag you can easily carry, it's very light but is just enough to stop me from getting cold on a day like yesterday. It isn't waterproof though and will soak up water quickly. I had goose jackets in years gone by, yes they are very warm, but very heavy and thick and the feathers were forever s
  12. I popped over to the river for a couple of hours swimming the stream this afternoon, the fish weren't very forthcoming and all I managed after standing mid river in a cold wind and showers was the small barbel in the picture and a little squab barbel of about 10 ounces. I was glad I had a packable puffer jacket in the car as the wind really did chill the blood!
  13. Hey Mike, thanks for that :). I haven't seen you on AN for a spell, good to see you looking in. Be nice to see some of your catch reports on here when you get back out on the banks . How long have you got left on house arrest , are you tagged up?
  14. Thanks Phone :). I normally use the grass to lay fish on, that particular spot only had thin/sparse patches of wierd type grass growing in patches on gravely sand, the towel was more for my reel. If the sand/gravel goes begind the drum it grinds and crunches interfeering with the reels performance and then you have to mess about cleaning it out, I find it best to try and avoid it getting behind the spool rather than have the hasstle of cleaning it out.
  15. Thank's Martin :). Yeah, the keeper is handy. I do have a few rods without them and just hang the hook of the bottom guide leg (not over the actual eye). Fuji do a removeable hook keeper and I keep threatening to get one, I have for years now lol.
  16. A quick hour on the river today, quite a few smal chub and dace and a few decent chub also. The river is wide here and the rocks are coated in seriously slippy slime so I couldn't be botherd wading back to take pic's, just this one...
  17. I had an hours trotting on the river today, conditions were not good as the river was to high for trotting in my chosen spot and was crashing through. Anyhow, I did catch some fish, a couple of chub, a huge dace and a small barbel....
  18. Nothing wrong with sugar in it's natural forms, it's the processed sugar which can cause harm. Although you need to do naff all exercise and eat too much for it to cause a problem. People eat fruites as a diet, fruite is full of natural sugar which is still fattening. If someone wants to loose weight just go on a 1000 calorie diet and exercise. I wanted to loose some weight and stuck to 1000 to 1200 calories a day and lost 3 1/2 stone in less than a month. Exercise will help loose weigh but only if you cut down your calories. A good diet to quickly loose weight is keto di
  19. I'm guessing that's because your rivers are sort of slow released as they filter through the chalk Chris? I've yet to fish a genuine chalk streem, i'll manage it one day lol. I love their appearance and clarity of water, fantastic waters!
  20. I'm guessing the deer are fallow? Strange how the fell'a shot it for attacking him, they're only little things when you get up to 'em. If it was tame it prolly wanted a bit of sparring, as they wpild do with other deer. I used to have fights with some very large goats with long horns....it was a laugh! I bet that was just an excuse to eat it lol.
  21. Phone, the reel does hang straight /horizontalas any other one does. I think the hooks are forged, not sure though without checking the packet. They do bend out, especially if only the tip of the hook has penetrated something. This often happens if the hook gets stuck on a hard piece of wood. That is one other reason why I like fishing with the set up I use. The 6lb line snaps at about 8lb in reality and it has just enough strength to bend a hook out if the point hasn't gone into something to deeply. I know I could use a lower diameter/breaking strain bottom so it would snap o
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