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  1. I wouldn't worry about it Ken, plenty rain forecast anyhow. Low levels at this time of year are only to be expected and should help the fry stay alive. Rivers round here are up and down, problem with that is many millions of fry are left in pools as the river drops off and die, river rises again, same thing happens! Better to be low for a decent spell.
  2. Obviously knots can fail no matter how precise you are when tying them. It has happened to me but very rarely, reason being I do my best to tie the knot as prcisely as possible and then do several prolonged pulls and sharp tuggs on it to test it's metal....remember i'm talking about my fishing tackle here . If my hook gets stuck in something e.g. a sunken tree and I have to get hold of my line with my hand and pull for a break or try and pull the hook free my line usually breaks above the hook, so not at the knot. This isn't good for me as for the biggest part I fish 4 or 6lb mono straigh
  3. Phone, The Chubs face was perfect, just looks iffy because it's pushed into the grass and you can't see it properly. It has a few marks on it's body but it was a nice looking fish in the flesh. The barbel...the line was deff'o cut off on something. My dropper shot was about 6 inches from my hook and the line was cut only a couple of inches below the shot. I felt like kicking myself up the @rse after as I didn't hold my rod up high enough to keep the line angled more steeply away from the fishe and also any rocks, which the river bottom is made up of. I hate leaving hooks i
  4. Quick couple of hours on the river today, lots of small chub dace and roach, a few decent chub and one clonking chub. Lost a barbel to a hook pull and another because my line caught an obstacle just above the hook as the rod was bent double! Pic of one of the decent chub... Pic of the clonkin chub...
  5. Good luck on yer day out Martin :).
  6. Managed to get on the river mid afternoon today. I had some banter with a few anglers I know and caught fish also :). No monsters but three decent barbel and one decent chub. I had a good few small chub and dace with a few annoying minows hangling themselves on the 14's superspade hook stuffed with maggots or corn and maggots, no idea how they get their gobs round it all ! funny how these two fish both had a large chunk missing from the top half of their tails...
  7. Congrats Martin, crackin'fish bud
  8. Phone, i'm not sure I understand what you mean about the machine leaning to the left under pressure? If your thinking the handle looks a little strange, that's because the cork has what they call an arm lock. All that is is it has a flat part where it sits under your forearm. It's quite good actually but I don't find it works any better than a normal round handle.
  9. Phone, I've had the rod a while now, it's rod is a 13ft Dave Harrrell daiwa tournament RS PF rod, a very good rod. The corks are so clean looking because they still have the placcy covering on them.
  10. I don't think I could stay away from that little river of yours Keith ! :).
  11. Hey Phone, Your post inspired me to get out and try for a barbel with the new machine. Anyhow, I managed one, only one mind, but, it was a cracker! I weighed it and it was 11lb 9 ounces, first one on the new reel ! the pictures are both the same barbel.... I had some very nice chub also, couldn't be bothered weighing them but I reckon all were over 5lb, here's some of them... I had a few average dace and some roach also but my hunger pangs got the better of me and I was forced to retreat home for some jack-bit. All thanks to you t
  12. Phone, The perch and chuub in my first pictures of the reel are pictures LOL. The next post I took it and caught some dace and chub. I will try and catch a barbel wopith it but just haven't had the time to get out, and the conditions haven't been right for float fishing for them on the rivers I fish. They've been too high but they dropped off to a fishable level yesterday. Trouble is, it's rained hard through the night and is still doing so now. I just have to spy a chance when I have time and the conditons are ok :).
  13. God luck Martin, look forward to your pictures!
  14. Thank's Bartman, not quite that long ago, but, I rekon it will be a good five years since I ordered it. I waited 5yrs for a spitfire off Chris. There was a thread on here when I actually ordered that reel, and then I posted on that same thread when I got it 5yrs later lol.
  15. The extra food might be a good thing, although the extra angling pressure won't do it any good. No idea what effect Covid19 will have on the river though, maybe it will blow bubbles and flow back uphill .
  16. Couldn't resist giving the new reel a spin and managed a couple of hours out trotting this avvey. The reel is a credit to Chris's reel building skills....what a reel ! Here's a few pic's from quite a prolific little session......
  17. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day Cameron :).
  18. Phone, Thank's for that :). Salmon fishing, i'd love it, especially over there in your neck of the woods! I have had a few salmon over here but I only caught one whilst actually trying to get one. All the others were just a by catch and the largest one was only 8 1/2 lb so very average sized fish, I still enjoyed catching them though. the steel head fishing over in the states looks fantastic! To be honest I don't know how many floatmasters Chris has made, without looking I think this latest one is ninety something, but, I don't know if he does them in numeric order
  19. There's a new kid on the block.... Chris phoned me last night and informed me my stepped up floatmaster would be with me today.... What a reel !!.....just gott'a get out and christen it now :).
  20. Tigger

    JULY 4th

    If I was an american i'd vote Trump for sure. I wish he was the priminister over hear!
  21. I managed to get out on a small river in cheshire today, lovely little river and I had a short but decent trotting session.....
  22. You might be right Phone, i'm sure something will consume it if it does pop it's cloggs.
  23. I popped over to a local stream today, only got there at 5pm and the weather was touch and go having had thunder storms and heavy rain on and off all day. I was only intending on having an hours dace fishing. Anyhow, I got to my swim and started trotting, several trotts down the swim and I got a dace. Then I had some more and things were looking promising for a good number of dace but what turned out to be my last one was latched onto by esox. After a tusstle esox came free and I brought the dace in. It was in a bit of a state but it should be ok in a few weeks unless it becomes infec
  24. Phone, over here the fish has had to have been tricked into eating the bait and so to count as a catch it must be hooked in the mouth. All the fish i've pictured have been caught hooked in their lips/mouth. The weights on the barbels body are just the link leger resting on top of it rather than the float lol.
  25. Had another go today in seering heat. Mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun lol. I won't go on about the arduous walk there etc and just say what I caught. I had a large dace first off, then a tiddly barbel... After that I had a few more dace and then nothing for quarter of an hour. I decided to remove the float and add a link leger to do some touch legerring. First tap was an eel of about 3lb, hooked just in the mouth so easily removed. Then I had a barbel.... Same fish looks a different colour on a different angle... I had a go
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