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  1. I thought Cortland wre the ones who do the Magnum reels .. maybe wrong The Geezer
  2. guess you've checked-out their website http://www.relum.co.uk/frameset.htm the Contact link dont work but the dealer info is still there depends what you're after good luck The :cool: Geezer
  3. hows your french mate? have a look at http://www.mystic.fr/ the english link may point you at some UK stockists Trot-on The :cool: Geezer
  4. a Loomis or 6 of those Daiwa Samurais that Peter Waller's flogging off on the auction site at £15+ The D :cool: Geezer
  5. surprised you dint plug the diawa samurai 7 footer gotta be a steal for that money if you're into UL how old is it? Geezer :cool:
  6. Thought they weren't open for pike til Oct 1st Check before you go mate!!!! Geezer
  7. I'd want something spesh for 110 smackeroos The Geezer :cool:
  8. Assume you've tried the form at http://www.abu-garcia.com/contact/index.cf...estType=Contact Abu are now part of OTG with Berkley Fenwick etc etc You could try Outdoor Technologies Group Box 58, S-376 00 Svangsta, Sweden Phone: +46 (0)454 88000 Fax: +46 (0)454 323661 e-mail: ABU@F46454323661.fax.sunet.se or 104437.2703@compuserve.com The D Geezer :cool:
  9. Croix What with Duty, VAT and carriage, I don't reckon you're gonna have much change out of 80 quid.... and you're gonna have to wait a while. Can't believe the PS is gonna be that much better than an Abu Suveran or Daiwa Samurai which you can still get for 50 quid~ish. I've never used the Shimano one so I can't comment. We'll see and I'm sure you'll be telling us about the PS. I have a couple of Croix jobbies for my jerk bait fishing etc :cool: Geezer
  10. Croix Just how are you going to manage to go fishing without that arm and leg though? The D Geezer :cool:
  11. You might wanna have a look at one of the new Okumas http://www.okumafishing.com/ Light, right retrieve ratio and not a ripoff Dont forget gearing ratio is only one factor; spool diameter/circumference is the other. What I go by is the actual rate of line retrieve (ratio x spool circumference) Generally I find a small spool plus a gear ratio of around 5:1 or less is best for me anyway; I find the Shimano's 6:1 etc is too high for lure fishing, my sort anyway. I agree with Steve Burke on this one (though it sticks in my throat to do it)that a slow retreive is an advantage a lot of times and
  12. King's Sedgemoor Drain is preserved by Bridgwater AA which has fishing ¾m above Greylake Bridge, where 18ft Rhyne enters Cary River to A38 Road bridge at Dunball. Good roach, rudd, pike, tench, bream, carp and perch. St £20, wt £8, dt 3, from tackle shops in area or Hon Sec. Other Bridgwater AA fisheries Have fun The D Geezer :cool:
  13. Boris I bit more of an address would have been helpful! I guess you mean the Warmwell near Dorchester Personally I'd get a day-ticket on Pallington Lake or another of the lakes nearby Depends what you're after though The Stour isn't too far away either And then there's some bassing if you're into sea-fishing Take your pick! The Diamond Geezer
  14. Barford Lakes are good if you're into carp fishing Swangey Pits near Wymondham are also the bolls Personally I wouldn't get involved with any guiding services The Diamond Geezer :cool:
  15. Cheers Dragobat for that speedy info I've have achuck on both I'm a thinkin Geezer :cool:
  16. I'm going to be up near Lake Maelog, Anglesey, next month and wondered if anyone'd fished it recently Any feedback etc would be most appreciated Cheers now The D Geezer :cool:
  17. what's a bibed lure then :confused: ? the geezer
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