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  1. cheers rob, ive been away so missed it, think i may have 2 lined up this week if not im going to swap out to 4 other reels
  2. I saw a 13ft carbon waggler rod and reel that came with a second top so it was a feeder rod by abu garcia i think in the tackle shop yesterday for £35 bargin
  3. Deffor worth a thought, they seem to be everywhere on an overnighter dave so why not stick one on a hair rig next time your out? if you have a number of rods it cant do any harm. im only on a day session tomorrow but ill give this a bash next wednesday when im on a 3 nighter
  4. Just nippped down to the tackle shop for some light tackle for fishing the surface tomorrow, no doubt it will be a thunderstorm and usless but i will be giving it a bash nevertheless
  5. Anyone used one? What did they think Very curious on what people think about this pole, I lost the number 5 section of my pole last time i was fishing so needed a new one thanks paul
  6. this is why 2-3 days at a pond is better, even if not fishing for big carp its always good to do a few overnighters
  7. Im also going to say my bite alarms, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shakespeare-Cypry-...m/dp/B005WTULSA they work with digital drop down indicators and soudner boxes too but there fantastic alarms and well worth the money
  8. he is from the north east enough said tbh
  9. yeah thats what i did the next time heres my second try at this So went for a quick overnight at the oaks sessay The weather When i arrived at the oaks it had just started to rain so got all my sleeping stuff sorted and then set my carp stuff up, waited till the rain stopped before setting my chair and pole up. My evening fishing was cut early due to a thunderstorm that lasted a few hours that made me stay indoors till the morning. The morning was raining too so stayed a little longer and fished int he afternoon with the pole but did keep rebaiting my carp rods with no bites so diceded to change baits a few times as couldnt get a bite off the carp. What can i say well, Ill talk about course fishing first The evening Set my pole up to fish just off an island and a instant hit with some small Roach (about half a pound) Perch to 1lb and some small Barbel, in the few hours i fished my pole 22lb bag. (someone weighed this for me as my scales seem to get stuck on 15lb so ive ordered some new ones) The morning Setting my pole up in the morning and i dropped my number 5 section in the water (devostated) so had to fish my 12ft float rod, with some more decent results, had a bigger bag of mixed fish but nobody to weigh them for me. did have 2 ide at just over 1lb and a perch of 1lb 2oz. no sign of tench or bream but still a decent bag of fish. Carp fishing Set my carp rod up and within 2 mins of my first cast had this little beauty Weiging in at a stonking 2lb 8oz Quick rebait and a cast into the same place and i got into this fish A Little better at 3lb 7oz no other carp till the next evening and 6-7 different bait changes put some compressed bread in my arma mesh 20 mins later got myself this Weighing just short of 10lb by a meesly ounce Made another compressed bread pellet and 25 mins later got this one Sadly my scales only go up to 15lb but it maxxed them out, i think it was only a little over 15 but still a very nice fish So very happy for this time of year One thing i also cought on the float rod was this with limbs missing but still able to grab bait Planning some more trips soon as this was my second overnighter im very happy
  10. how much are you looking at spending?
  11. over rated, boileys, they just dont seem to work for me under rated, Bread like a few others have said seems to where eveyrywhere and can be modified for lots of different uses/fish type.
  12. also look here http://www.polefishingmagazine.com/compone...are/category/24
  13. put some water in the bath and check them? you could get a tall jug for this and would be a lot easier?
  14. some bait my friend tried last weekend bread, sausage and black pudding, had a run on it aswell but he didnt get it in
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