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  1. Regrettably, well known Essex matchman Dave Farrugia died suddenly last week. Dave was an accomplished match angler in the Essex and London areas, and more recently in the Cambridge Area, where he had moved after retirement. He was well known to Essex, London and Cambridge match anglers so I would appreciate it if you could pass on the sad news to those who knew him. The funeral will at Corbets Tey Crematorium, Upminster on Friday 20th April at 1pm - 1.20pm - no flowers please, but if anyone wishes to make a donation to one of his favorite charities, there will be donation envelope
  2. Due the recent pollution of the Thames which resulted in the almost total destruction of a large section of the River's eco-system in the London area I have entered the following petition on the government petitions web site here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/6611 This problem of legalised pollution also affects most UK rivers - to help put a stop to this please sign the petition. Many Thanks and Kind Regards Barry
  3. Thanks for the good wishes John - Chin remains firmly up and neck remains in it's normal, fully extended position........... Chesters - I only wish I could fill my face to excess on Sunday but strict instructions that came with the 'taster' say Light Breakfast, very light lunch at middday and then Zip, Nada, FA until the main meal on Monday. I can drink as much water or clear fluids as I wish - does anyone know if a decent Pinot Blanc counts as a clear fluid? It's not all bad news tho - had an Ultra sound this morning & the suspected Aneurism of the Aorta has proved to be norma
  4. I got an invitation to a great feast today, a small jiffy bag turned up with the postman - "I've not won anything on Ebay this week" thought I - "I wonder what it could be possibly be.....? " It seems that I have been invited for a Barium Meal next Monday, they even included a taster in the form of a small package of...........PICOLAX ?????. I don't think I'm gonna enjoy this meal but I hope the 'taster' is OK .............. Cheers Barry
  5. I haven't done any serious Crucian fishing for years - nearly always used the lift method with only about an inch between the 'lift' shot (usually one BB) just touching bottom. Occasionally you get those times that the float will lift, dip and generally dither about without ever giving something definite to strike at. When the Crucians are behaving like this, a good tip is (may have got it from a Dick Walker article?) to set the float a little deeper and raise the BB to about 4 to 6" from the hook, you're aiming to have the bait on the bottom by a couple of inches & the BB off th
  6. Very sad............... I grew up reading the articles/books of Fred J, Stoney, RW etc. There can be very few of the greats from that era remaing - makes me feel very old. RIP Fred
  7. Just a few points - and even an apology or two... Firstly, I should apologise to Elton for including the comments about the excessive number of 'News' threads, it would have been better if I'd made those comments in a separate posting. I didn't realise that it was just being trialled. I'm not sorry that the 'trial' is over though. --------------------------- Mark, Pike & Predators - yeah, I know what you mean, been there, done that - don't want to go there again. I bet that some of the MC's and FW's here would feel right at home there. -----------------------------
  8. Just wondering if other people feel the same way about 'Anglers Net' as, sadly, I do now? When I first joined, about 4-5 years ago it was easily the best UK fishing forum, by far. But now, almost every time someone starts a sensible debate, in come the Malicious Bigots and Mischievous Trolls whose only aim is to see how much unpleasant Sh@t they can spread around. In recent months, the target for all this poison has included: Immigrants, Travellers, Pensioners, people of different religions/culture/color, the disabled, anyone on any kind of benefit, etc. etc. etc...............the
  9. The video is from the series 'Drop the Dead Donkey' - brilliant show, always topical & very funny.
  10. "Now I have to be very careful how I say this without sounding racist"
  11. Could be something to do with todays date?
  12. Looks very similar to this one a friend bought back from Florida a few years ago - pretty crap rod really....... This one has a broken male ferrule, snapped off clean as a whistle, whilst he was playing a smallish catfish.
  13. Naah, he once told me that he wouldn't take up golf until he'd mastered the art of knocking down brick walls, with his head.Could he be raising cash to buy a crash helmet? Naah, he once told me that he wouldn't take up golf until he'd mastered the art of knocking down brick walls, with his head.Could he be raising cash to buy a crash helmet?
  14. Sorry about that Barry, t'was I - and I've been on here long enough to know better than to call a spade a spade........however much it needed saying.......... In future I shall refrain from such un-politically correct responses. Cheers Barry K
  15. Wouldn't it be nice if all the above politicians/newspapersmen and other assorted D!ckheads turned their attention to the amount of tax fiddles being carried out by the wealthy. It'll be interesting to see what the usual trolls have to say............................ Cheers Barry
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