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  1. Hadn't thought of that to be honest. But then again what fun would it be without the risk? I figure I can pick and choose what I pick up though. Whats the slogan?? Every little elps? I sometimes use their carrier bags I find.
  2. I assume you are using XP... http://www.wikihow.com/Set-up-DHCP-Network...s-on-Windows-XP In this link under 'tips'... Follow the steps and PM the output. Don't post it.
  3. Sorry didn't read between the lines. It would help if you gave me the make and model of your router. Most routers these days have an option to run network address translation (NAT). What this does is translates a single IP address into many. So you can use multiple computers to access the internet without having to pay for a separate address from your provider. Without getting too much further in depth: DHCP is a setting within your network interface card that allows it to 'pull' a single IP address from a range of IP addresses. If you run NAT you really want to run DHCP and make things simpler... so to speak. I'll have a look around and see if I can find something easy to follow.. Or at least with pictures
  4. Sorry to hear of it Blue. Picking up other peoples litter is something we should all do (they don't). Glad you took the incentive. I know of loads of people that would have walked right past and complained about it. I bring back loads and only a small percentage would I put down to angling.
  5. Sorry for all the questions Chris A few more... Is your router NAT capable (with it enabled) and are you using static IPs or DHCP? If your PSKs are the same at all points that shouldn't be an issue. Food for thought.
  6. What model is the router Chris? Is the belkin card A, B, or G? Sorry but what is OPC? I took this from wikipedia- its much easier than trying to put it into words myself. Wep uses a 4 way handshake... This means that you are comparing the keys against each challenge. Basically: The Access Point decrypts the material, and compares it with the clear-text it had sent. Depending on the success of this comparison, the Access Point sends back a positive or negative response. After the authentication and association, WEP can be used for encrypting the data frames. This may be the issue. Are you losing the key while using the belkin software? WEP is too easy to hack Chris. I would avoid it and use WPA or even WPA2. Strange that you are only getting a 50% signal and being that close. I am two walls away and getting 100%. Just an off chance but make sure the MTUs on the router are set to no more than 1500 and if you can... try changing the channels. Luck
  7. My Copy should be on its way. Cheers.. Oh and printed "on-demand" in response to orders <--- I didn't know they did that. Excellent!
  8. Sounds like it was a ncie day out Janet. I once volunteered some time to trim overhanging trees on my local flyfishing only stretch but it has sadly now gone private. I have also noticed that quite a few of the pegs and parking areas have fallen into disrepair. I'll be asking when I go in to renew my membership.
  9. Nice report! The last picture looks familiar!
  10. Yes. I doubt you can beat BMI as a carrier. I've flown United, American, BA,Virgin and quite a few others. But I wasn't aware that they flew outside the UK.
  11. Come on John.. You know America is always right!
  12. Jeff S


    I'm in the process of buying a few bits- anchor trolley and such. I have an idea for a mod and I think I'm going to go with the RAM. I'll post the mod when I figure out the details.
  13. From what I understand you need a rod license, a day ticket/member of the piscatorial and a BCU number. I ran across a statement that said you had to be moored to the canal bank in order to fish. I posted that recently but can find it if you need it. (added) This might be wrong----> Also canoeing/kayaking only applies on navigable waters <----so you have to be aware of land ownership and who to get in contact with for access to the area you want to fish/kayak. This is an ongoing effort and apparently only 2% of rivers are available for access by canoes/kayaks. I think you need to have a separate boat license to fish the Thames. Someone else can probably give you more information.
  14. Hi Brian, Yachts section indeed. The water there has to be fairly deep and you have to be aware of the power lines that run through that area. I didn't realize how close together it all was until I paddled it. It takes nearly as long to drive to each location as it does to paddle. Can't wait to fish it.
  15. You should have seen the smile on my face!
  16. Jeff S


    Funny that I only just realized that you were AKA Snapper . Were you saying that the factory mount on the front console will fit the RAM 117? I was thinking that I might order a scotty mount and two adaptors- that would get them a bit closer if they fit together.
  17. "It’s my opinion that pike have an instinct to target anything that seems not quite right, and none of my lures look quite right – believe me!" - Taken from The Case for Pike Fitting description Leon. Ignorance is bliss!?!?!?!
  18. Jeff S


    Thanks again Steve! I'm still having issues but I'll see if I can get into contact with SM. Cheers
  19. It's probably not your pc. I can't get to your bands site or youtube.
  20. Spent the morning thinking about what sort of dry gear to get and finally got down to Go2H20. I grabbed a light dry cag and trousers, a couple of pads for the roof rack and a paddle leash. Peter threw in the pads and paddle leash and gave me a 10% discount on top of that so I went away pretty happy. I didn’t want to make the trip back home before leaving for N. Stainley so I put the yak on top before I left. After I picked up the dry gear I headed for the canal. I thought I would put in near the car park. I pulled in and found that I would have to portage at least twice in 400 meters so not far from there is an RPA car park. So I went there instead. It looked like it hadn’t been used in a few years. It was pretty overgrown and I ran the risk of scratching the paint on the car. Better yet I would only have to carry the yak about 50 feet. Once I got it to the water and the car locked. I set myself to figure out how to get in the kayak and not in the drink. I did pretty well and the stability wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. They have been clearing away quite a bit of willows and trees from around the bank of the canal. I haven’t actually fished it in two years so it all looked new to me. I brought my daughter to this bridge back then and caught a few perch from just this side facing the reeds on the right. Another .25 mile or so I had to portage, this being the last lock before the river. 300 meters behind me in the picture is the mouth to R. Ure. I turned right to go upriver to see how hard it would be to make it back against the current. Wasn’t terribly bad so I headed downriver towards Newby Hall. Here’s Newby Hall. I’ve caught loads of pike here as well as a few perch. Surprisingly no chub though. This is the bank were I resigned myself. It’s quite different to be looking across to where I used to cast from! Greener on the other side as they say. I also found a floating dead sheep near here. I took a picture then thought better of posting it. The wind started to pick up about 1500 and about then I decided to head back. Not only did I have to battle the current but the wind as well. I could probably use a rudder but for what I want to do I doubt I really NEED one. I had a lot of course correction but it wasn’t too bad especially straight into the wind. I made it back to the entrance to the canal and decided to go a little further and reminisce. A further .5 mile or so is the sailing club. This was where I caught my first British pike 6 years ago last month. It took me two months to find out where they were and another to finally catch one. Camping? Then it was back down to the canal in reverse order, portage and then these knob heads showed up. Making loads of noise on a moped/scooter/motorbike of some sort. One asked me why I was taking pictures of him ‘mate’. That was after they put their hoods up so as not to be recognized. I put in at 1300 and was back at the car loading everything by 1630. So around 3 miles all told. I do know that if I am going to fish from this I am going to need to make some adjustments to the rod holder to minimize over reaching and second.. Not put in so far from my fishing location! Twas a nice paddle and I only got my feet wet. Thanks for the inspiration guys. You’ve met your match!
  21. I received this in email but found it in my spam folder. It is in response to a resume (or CV) that I posted a few months ago. Good time of day. You are disturbed by the charitable company Red Cross of Slovenia. We have the business offer for you. We can offer to you of earnings, thus your salary will make from 1k $ to 2k $ per one month, at an incomplete working day. Your earnings can be and higher. The more and forces you will give time, the there will be your salary more. If it is interesting to you, want to work, write on the address of e-mail of our agent: (email omitted) So I thought I would google it. The information in wikipedia and their exterior links are, in some cases, 10 years old at least! Click here, here, and here Which then made me wonder if anyone here donates time instead of money. Personally I am now short on time and find it easier to donate money but have in the past donated time and expertise to womens shelters.
  22. What comes around goes around Chris!
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