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    The cost was a big thing in me trying rollies. I was smoking a 20 packet of regular cigarettes a day, which was costing me between £60-£65 per week. EEK! Buying dedicated hand rolling tobacco would cut that down by around 50% easily. And then because pipe tobacco isn't taxed as much as handrolling tobacco I can cut that price down again by around 50%. As Ayjay says, pipe tobacco can't be cut finer than 1.5mm otherwise it's classed as handrolling tobacco. I also read a disclaimer on one of the online tobacconists I use, that it's actually illegal to use pipe tobacco in a hand rolled cigarette. I'm not sure how that is enforced exactly, lol.
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    My comment was meant in jest, it was in no way meant to be malicious Paul. If it came across as such then I apologise.
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    I did order and have a packet of the Rizla Licorice papers. I've only rolled a couple with them as yet but they seem ok, the licorice flavour is very mild and barely noticable but good.
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    Yes i've read that Martin. But i've been doing just fine inhaling it.
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    Yes i'm an unPC dirty and smelly smoker, i'll get that out of the way 1st. I've been a smoker for many many years. I don't really enjoy it, apart from maybe the first smoke of the day and after a meal, but i'm addicted to the dreaded weed. But because of this lockdown, a few weeks ago I started looking online and browsing the relatively few online tobacconists with the thought of rolling my own and seeing how I get on. My only experience of pipe tobacco was the amazing aroma coming from an old uncles pipe when I was a wee nipper. I've over the last weeks sampled a few, and even though I know how bad it is for me, I must admit i'm enjoying smoking again. The vast varieties, flavours, cuts, blends and nicotine hits are a real joy. I guess it's not the "proper thing" to be smoking pipe tobaccos in hand rolled cigarettes, but shop bought cigarettes are just plain bland in comparison. In all i've thoroughly enjoyed tasting the ones i've got hold of, and experimenting by making my own blends. The unknown to me before, much lesser tax on pipe tobacco is just a fabulous added extra.
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    Going by past experience.........you so copied and pasted that! No way would one of your posts make such sense.
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    Don't worry, we have Trump sorting it.
  8. That made me giggle I won't mention what my ex and daughter used to refer to as their "fu-fu". I haven't ever tried decaf tea so can't answer that Phone. I'm a coffee drinker during the day and then switch to tea on an evening. I am aware that tea contains caffein but i'm sure it's in nowhere near the amounts in coffee. I could be wrong, and could google it, but i'm happy to remain ignorant. I do like Earl Grey but I guess that's down to i've always loved the aroma of bergamot..........plus I can pretend to be Jean Luc Picard and instruct my kettle "Earl Grey, hot".
  9. I was a tad disappointed there wasn't some grainy video footage of Elvis and Micheal Jackson playing a gig to a crowd of Clangers.
  10. I've ordered the infamous "Spycatcher" by Peter Wright. I was only a teenager when it came out but remember the fuss caused by it. This lockdown gave me a good excuse to get a copy and find out what all the hullabalo was about.
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    Dr .Bruno Broughton There's another name from the past. Top fella who helped me lots when I was thinking about getting the fishing rights to a stretch of canal. Hope he's still around and healthy.
  12. To be honest I only buy it on the odd occasion. Mainly I just buy what's on offer at the time, and failing that, Tesco's own will do me.
  13. Come on Cory, where's your sense of adventure and wonder. (although I thought exactly the same regarding half of it )
  14. Cough cough.....I think you'll find Twinings Earl Grey is the best.....well only if you drink it out of a china cup with an outstretched pinky finger.
  15. Pass on my regards to Next if you'd be so kind Phone. I was thinking of Globetrotter from off here the other day strangely enough. I remember buying his book but never got to read it as my St. Bernard Oscar ate the thing whilst I was out, that dog was stoopid!
  16. Reading through that web page made me shudder!
  17. Here's your wonderful united EU that you want to be part of Paul....... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-52200719
  18. The wonderfully eccentric Lord Bath.
  19. I'm not doing too bad myself John, apart from losing track of what day it is and twiddling my thumbs trying to think of something to keep me amused. I spoke to my doctor last monday on the phone as they have shut the surgery in Lichfield and they are doing phone appointments instead. I had a good chinwag with him as we are friends as well as him being my doctor. I have to see him every 4 weeks and have done for the best part of 25yrs, so we know each other well. He always tells me i'm his favourite patient as I always cheer him up, basically I wind him up and make him laugh. He's 84 and sounded rough on the phone and told me he has coronavirus, silly sod should be in hostpital not still working! Anyway he told me two of his patients had died that weekend of the virus and when I asked him what the situation was around Lichfield his exact words were "it's rife". I had to drive down there to pick my meds up as the pharmacy is in the surgery. I don't mind admitting I was petrified going in there knowing that the virus is in the building, eek! On a lighter note the tiny village I live in is all pulling together. It is tiny, you could walk from one end of the village to the other in less than 5 minutes, so most people here know one another to say hello. We don't have a shop in the village but we do have a pub They've closed up but are still doing meals and delivering them in the village, they are even delivering pints of draught ale and only charging £2, yippee! The nearest supermarket is just over 5 miles away and myself and a few others from the village have made it known that if any of the older folk need anything but are too worried about leaving their homes then we can fetch things for them, just a case of passing around a few phone numbers and it takes a little worry out of their lives.
  20. ........just incase.
  21. It's a bit long but interesting and well worth watching if you like this kind of thing.
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    My sincere best wishes to you all Elton. It's a very scary time indeed.
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