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  1. In every culture and time there are creation myths, Big Bang is just another along that line. Just as in Genesis and other stories the Big Bang theory needs more than a dash of belief to come to terms with. Where as the Great Celestial Carp is absolute fact and anyway she could whip the A**e of that puny Chub
  2. Curse Ye heretic!!! Be gone Chub idolotrist
  3. Thanks for the info Jeeps. Any way everyone knows that Genesis and Darwin are non-sense. The universe is the spawn of the great celestial carp. The stars are the eggs that haven't hatched yet Peace to you all Scapa
  4. The very best of luck Rob and team. Cheers Scapa
  5. I agree with this sentiment Jeeps but where has such a thing been proposed? Confused Scapa
  6. At the age of 99, shot by a jealous husband
  7. I think that copyrights lapse 70 years after the death of the composer unless there are other arangements, but not 100% on the legal side EG the Amatuer music group I belong to does not have pay royalties on Gilbert and Sullivan operettas now. Cheers Scapa. Try the Performing Right Society http://www.prs.co.uk/ they should be able to help
  8. Having to qualify for the right to hold an opinion
  9. Oh I understand the rules now. Like , "The Socialist Republic of Vietnam"
  10. There was something on TV a few weeks ago where they were cooking and eating grey squirrels. Apparently a very healthy meat very low in saturated fats. Any one for a squirrel sausage
  11. The man is obviously a saint, he certainly puts most of us normal men to shame. Pity about the unfortunate accident
  12. Down South, Whats the rush? I get the same feeling in Inverness I dread driving down "Sooth" these days. Especially when I visit the family in Bournemouth. There you have the added hazard of "Mature" motorists. You must remember that just because the vehicle in front is indicating right, it won't neccessarily turn right
  13. Very good Newt. I had not heard that one before
  14. Oh they are in an aggresive way, but they rarely attack Ferrets so you should be OK. Seriously though if you are confronted by an angry gander, face it and open your arms wide so you appear bigger. Don't turn your back on the blighters unless you want a lovely big bruise on your bum
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