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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm sorry about the above what do you have in teh way of engines/rolling stock? ta
  2. chuby

    Small stream kit

    Tony,i will bow to your words on Airflo floaters,not used one for yonks i must admit.
  3. chuby

    Small stream kit

    I do most of my trouting on lakes,however i occasionally dable on a small stream.IMHO a 3 weight outfit,8-8.5 ft rod will be plenty. Doesn't have to cost the earth either.The 'Fladen Vantage 3 weight(usually plenty on ebay) is a decent little rod for the very reasonable cost, a lightweight reel need not cost a fortune either.If money is an issue,a mill end fly line can be got for £3-£4,try Mullarkeys,they are fine.Just stay away from Airflo floaters :lol: good fishing
  4. Seen this elswhere.Rainbow for sure AND it looks as though its been dead a while,manky looking thing
  5. Have not used A/N for some time and heard the sad news via another site.Never met Jan or Newt,however i did converse with her via the other site and by pm's and she very kindly did me a favour some years ago. RIP Jan.
  6. Shame i have only just seen this.Just received a trolley(today) never had one,but getting too old to hump gear around.Might well ahve been interested in the box and trolley oh well good luck with it all
  7. :D Leon,my mate had a go at them with fly(and dynamite) on the Arun last year,they drove him bonkers :D
  8. No need to spend mega bucks on a line.Look at these, http://www.impactflies.com/presta/, at £17 they are really good value,i have a few and recommend them,Chris also does leaders, backing etc and his service is very good.Pitsford Pirate does a good selection,again around same price,find him on CF forums.Mullarkeys as suggested is also ok,the mill ends are fine.As for rods,take a look on ebay at Fladen Vantage rods,4 piece.Can get one for around £20 or so,may be cheaper and they are a decent rod up to 7 weight.I understand the heavier rods are not so good.Many rave about the 3 weight.Reels,plenty out there for not a lot of money,just get a large arbour reel,it will help reduce any memory in your line.Ebay is a good source once again. As for what weights to go for depends on what you are going to be fishing,ie small stillwaters,large ,stillwaters,small rivers or large rivers. Like others on here i have rods from 3 weight up to 7 weight.Whilst a 3 will do on a river,i do occasionally use it at my local stillwater a better bet would possibly be a 5 or 6 weight,certainly whilst finding one's feet.Personally i would rather buy each item separately,nowt wrong with kits,but i do feel they put some lets say less desirable bits and bobs in,some have poor lines and masses of flies,which on the face of it looks good,but you end up never using three quarters of the things. This company is also good to deal with,never had a problem with them and use them a fairish amount when i need smallish items.The Masterline Debut fly line is also ok for £14. http://www.firsttackle.co.uk/ Good luck
  9. Plenty of floating lookalike bread and biscuit flies out there.Look on ebay for starters.Egg flies in various colours treated with floatant can also be used. Need to get the carp really competing for freebie offerings of mixers or bread before presenting the fly.
  10. Two lures under an indicator tha'ts not cricket old boy :o :o
  11. I will see if i can find it Tony I do recall you speaking of it i think. Duncton Mill were involved a few years back and it was always well supported.Trust your wife is /has recovered
  12. have been involved in a few fly swaps where we have donated flies to them
  13. Ok Tony.\if you decide to try Brick Farm out ,let me know or anywhere else for that matter,work permitting i would be happy to meet.
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