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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm sorry about the above what do you have in teh way of engines/rolling stock? ta
  2. Tony,i will bow to your words on Airflo floaters,not used one for yonks i must admit.
  3. I do most of my trouting on lakes,however i occasionally dable on a small stream.IMHO a 3 weight outfit,8-8.5 ft rod will be plenty. Doesn't have to cost the earth either.The 'Fladen Vantage 3 weight(usually plenty on ebay) is a decent little rod for the very reasonable cost, a lightweight reel need not cost a fortune either.If money is an issue,a mill end fly line can be got for £3-£4,try Mullarkeys,they are fine.Just stay away from Airflo floaters :lol: good fishing
  4. Seen this elswhere.Rainbow for sure AND it looks as though its been dead a while,manky looking thing
  5. Have not used A/N for some time and heard the sad news via another site.Never met Jan or Newt,however i did converse with her via the other site and by pm's and she very kindly did me a favour some years ago. RIP Jan.
  6. Shame i have only just seen this.Just received a trolley(today) never had one,but getting too old to hump gear around.Might well ahve been interested in the box and trolley oh well good luck with it all
  7. :D Leon,my mate had a go at them with fly(and dynamite) on the Arun last year,they drove him bonkers :D
  8. No need to spend mega bucks on a line.Look at these, http://www.impactflies.com/presta/, at £17 they are really good value,i have a few and recommend them,Chris also does leaders, backing etc and his service is very good.Pitsford Pirate does a good selection,again around same price,find him on CF forums.Mullarkeys as suggested is also ok,the mill ends are fine.As for rods,take a look on ebay at Fladen Vantage rods,4 piece.Can get one for around £20 or so,may be cheaper and they are a decent rod up to 7 weight.I understand the heavier rods are not so good.Many rave about the 3 weight.Reels,pl
  9. Plenty of floating lookalike bread and biscuit flies out there.Look on ebay for starters.Egg flies in various colours treated with floatant can also be used. Need to get the carp really competing for freebie offerings of mixers or bread before presenting the fly.
  10. Two lures under an indicator tha'ts not cricket old boy :o :o
  11. I will see if i can find it Tony I do recall you speaking of it i think. Duncton Mill were involved a few years back and it was always well supported.Trust your wife is /has recovered
  12. have been involved in a few fly swaps where we have donated flies to them
  13. Ok Tony.\if you decide to try Brick Farm out ,let me know or anywhere else for that matter,work permitting i would be happy to meet.
  14. Hi Tony, have spoken on here to him a few times re a trout fishery down near Godstone which alas in now no more Thanks for the invite,well yes,depending when obviously, as i do work some weekends in the better weather and would need to re adjust working week accordingly.No gear these days however,got shot of it yonks ago. If you guys do a fly fishing trip i would be more than happy to meet up somewhere,again dates permitting. Thanks Chris(chuby) Out of interest did you do Brick Farm? as i see you were intending to from your earlier post
  15. Greg, very pretty though
  16. I too still have my certificate alas badge nooooooooo Correct it was the Guild NOT club and it was aimed at the juniors Blimey that was a year or two ago :lol:
  17. Just a word of warning,Brick Farm will be busy at weekends,it can be hectic midweek.That's down to the stocking levels and reasonable charges. Think you mentioned Five Bellies,does he still use the forum?
  18. Go and wash thy mouth out NOW Leon,if you have 'favourite ' unweighted flies,why not try and get them with added bead heads. Nothing to stop you putting a dust of even a number eight near the eye of the hook,it will/should act just the same as a bead head.Anything bigger and heavier might prove troublesome casting.Some of the available leadheads are a bitch to cast.
  19. Never done Chequertree. Lakedown has now abandoned its big fish lake(N01 lake)so all are on offer on the one ticket so to speak. Have you tried Brick Farm down near Battle?,don't know how much of a hike it is for you.Again,not 'pretty',but if Leon was going with you and you wanted 'string pulling' its heavily stocked and fairly hard NOT to catch and again reasonably priced for catch and kill. Springhill is one mass of impenetrable reedbeds at one end and he is supposed to restrict it to eight anglers.Trouble is,if there are eight it means you can't move pegs unless someone else wants to!!!
  20. Tony forgive me jumping in,been following the thread and contributing. Springhill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,have you been there?.Its small and supposedly limited to eight on the main lake.We booked it a couple of New Year's ago for four of us and assumed that there would be plenty of room,huh.The guy overbooked plus he allowed regulars on which made it impossible to move around until many had gone.Also he wouldn't give us the opportunity to fish the other lakes without more money.Needless to say we have never returned.Fish tend to be on the smaller size as well. It can colour up as well due to run o
  21. A few waters insist on minimum B/S. Duncton Mill insist on 6lb minimum B/S. I have had fish to 12-13 from there on 6lb and not had a problem.There again i have fished Halliford Mere in Shepperton and had the occasional smash take on buzzers and been broken!!!!!!!!!!!! as have others and the fish don't have to be THAT big to do it. I really think that tethering buzzers to line of 8/10lb,unless its ultra low diameter is going to seriously affect the interest rate as they have too much time to inspect the flies. Guess you have to weigh up possible size of fish expected,method used etc.
  22. Thats heavy line for buzzers me thinks,ok for pulling lures though. Already been answered i know but the method is as stated,the washing line and again as stated its really more for the warmer months.Thats not to say buzzers won't work now because they will but just deeper. Fish three, heaviest on the point and lightest/smallest on top dropper,or try a dawl bach for instance on the top dropper. If you want to try an indicator,fine.Don't let people put you off with-oh thats not fly fishing.Its no different from using buzzers or whatever under a bushy dry fly or indeed the washing line method
  23. I like my buzzer fishing and do at times stick on an indicator.Very useful for fishing the flies at the right depth,rather than greasing up the leader.I do like a touch of breeze,the buzzers can swing around in the wind then.I still give them a tweak and a pull however,just to add some movement and quite often a slight dip of the indicator followed by a pull or tweak results in a heavy take.Ok there is the visual indication,but more often than not i loose sight of them if there is any chop on the water plus the takes are quite often that savage that the rod almost leaves ones hands Can't see
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