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  1. My deepest condolences to Newt.
  2. You are not alone! I can toady with the best - just ask my boss
  3. No - You're not that lucky. I've been around - lurking in the background. It's just that I seem to have gotten out of the habit of posting. Sheer laziness really.
  4. Who asked you to stick your oar in? Your judgement must be pretty poor going by the football team you support Hi Bluey. How're you doing?
  5. Happy Birthday to Angler's Net and all the members.
  6. It was along Maynooth Gardens next to the Mitcham RUFC ground.
  7. I caught this roach yesterday during a short session on the Wandle. At least, I'm pretty certain it's a roach - it's definitely not a chub and I doubt it's a hybrid. I've printed out the picture and based on the size of the net (25-inches along each side) I estimate the length to be about 13-inches or so. It's far and away the biggest roach I've ever caught. It's particularly satisfying because I've blanked on all my other recent visits to the Wandle in search of my first barbel. I caught it in an eddy on the far side of the river and then had to bring it back across the fast water. I
  8. It just makes my blood boil to think that someone who led the overthrow of the oppressive colonial masters has systematically destroyed the very country that he purported to save. He has completely betrayed the people of Zimbabwe and he and his cronies will do anything, repeat anything, to stay in power. I have no faith at all in the current talks - I believe that its just a white wash and a sop to African leaders. The military leaders that surround Mugabe will never let him stand down as they will then be exposed to prosecution in the Internatinal Court of Justice for the crimes against hu
  9. No problem - wait until tomorrow and you can get one for 50p
  10. Hi Rick, For still water fishing in or near West London, you could try: Twynersh Fishing Complex at Cherstsey, near Thorpe Park http://www.twynershfishingcomplex.com/ There are lakes in both Hampton Court and Bushey Park but you need to apply for a permit (apart from the regular EA one) from http://www.hrp.org.uk/HamptonCourtPalace/p...andleisure.aspx There's also the Grand Union canal in North West London but I don't have a clue where the best places to fish would be. If none of these take your fancy, try looking here: http://www.fishsoutheast.co.uk/ Good luck. Le
  11. Nice one BZ. I guess the rest of the season will be an anti-climax now
  12. I have this strange sense of deja vu. When I was young and lived with my parents in Bristol we practised a form of recycling. In addition to the "ash bin", we had a "pig bin" and a paper sack. The ash bin was metal and used for the ashes from the coal fire and other general household waste. The pig bin was a small metal bin with a lid that was held closed by a strong catch. This was used for kitchen waste hence the need for a strong catch to discourage unwanted attention. The paper sack, as its name suggests, was a sack for newspapers, cardboard etc. Have now come full ci
  13. Yes we went for an upgrade - replaced the rubber band with No 20 pole elastic
  14. BMW = British Mini Wannabe My son is a Mini enthusiast. He's done the London to Brighton run six times but not always in his beloved Mini. We've just finished rebuilding the engine then, with a bit more work, it will be going for its MoT and back on the road.
  15. If you're interested in reading The Compleat Angler but don't want to buy it, you can find it here. http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/9198 Project Gutenberg is a fantastic resource of over 25,000 copyright free books that can be downloaded for nothing including the complete works of Shakespeare and Dickens.
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