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  1. Fenella Fielding 11th September at the age of 90. A lovely lady, a good actress and who had the sexiest of voices.
  2. The baob tree is an unusual tree and is known here as the upside down tree because the branches look like a root sytem reaching into the air. Further north here in Western Australia we have one that is known as "The Prison Tree". It is hollow and there is a gap in the trunk. Loal miscreants were pushed through the gap and held inside of the tree for a day or two. I believe that it is in excess of 1500 years old.
  3. Firstly, how could I have possibly called you a liar? I have been in constant defence of what I and my friends have said. Indeed, you have even suggested that they were liars. The evidence you give in support of you argument is from what you have found on the internet which will have come from un-named sources which you seem to find more acceptable than what I or my friends have said. Obviously, knowing that the evidence you have produced, has not been your own work, I could hardly suggest that you are a liar, the only thing of which I could accuse you is of accepting evidence that
  4. Here is the AT report of Dick Walker's bag of roach from the Hiz. You will have to take my word on the fact that it was from the Hiz, Dick did not give the names of waters, especially private ones. However, my word has always been good enough in the angling world and so I would hope that it will be accepted in this instant.
  5. Good to hear from someone who has his finger on the pulse of things in the Palace. Like most I only hear what the media says.
  6. I know the problem, I live on the banks of a fair sized lake (6 miles long 3/4 mile wide) and at the start of winter, the millions of mice that live there decide that it would be a good idea to find a nice warm home for the poorer weather. Every home suddenly has a large number of unwelcome guests and, like others, I have to trap or poison them. Trouble is, they are such beautiful little critters I hate killing them. I have tried the live catch traps, but unfortunately they do not work as well as I would hope. Another invasion we get in the first rains is frogs! There are always a lot in
  7. OK, I will give you the figures I mention fairly shortly. The roach were caught. The men I mention I have mentioned by name as being Richard Walker, Peter Thomas, Bob Rutland and Alan Brown, names that you will surely recognise and, as far as I know have never before been accused of the possibility that they lied. If you spent time in Hitchin, you would have met Alan Brown who ran the tackle shop in Nightingale Road - a popular venue for all keen anglers from quite a large area. You would have probably met Bob Rutland and possibly Dick Walker and Pete Thomas. We may have met too but even
  8. The huge catches of roach Dick and his mates caught from the Hiz in Priory Park were well reported both on the front page and centre pages of the angling times. Priory Park was privately owned and Dick only saw the roach in the river while setting up a stall for the annual fete that was held there. No one was allowed to fish the stretch but Dick knew the owner well and was able to get permission for himself and his friends to fish there. They caught big roach there regularly and 1962 quite a lot of them were transported to other waters, whethere or not it was legal I don't know, I never tho
  9. Fair enough, I wasn't impressed with his dismissal of my posting and so I made my feelings known. What I posted was based on knowledge not assumptions. I have no problem with being criticised if those who do so are as well informed on the subject as I am. I guess that many these days consider entertainment to be more important than trying to get down to the basic facts of a discussion.
  10. What must be remembered is that while the salt run off in the '60s might not have been a big deal, every new square yard of concrete, asphalt etc is another square yard of instant run off. Run off from those covered areas must be channeled somewhere. If a river isn't too far away, where do you think it will go? I am sure that it would be possible to measure the salinity content of rivers and ponds but does anyone bother. Few council officials have any idea of what kills fish or how to combat it. In the 1970s the council officials at Milton Keynes were proudly telling us of their plan
  11. I don't think that many of us here have much interest in what Charles says or believes. I doubt very much if his thoughts influence our thinking in any way. I think that most of us here believe that we should make a break but, as I said earlier, we must be sure to get things right. It is likely that the Royal Family costs us nothing, but whetever we finish up with most certainly will cost us and so we must ensure that the position of Governer (or whatever) doesn't turn out to be a job for the political boys. In the referendum we had, I voted for us to retain the Queen as our head of state
  12. Yeah, I have found pretty much the same especially with snow melt killing river fishing. I wondered for quite some time if the lower oxygen content in the water in shallow lakes had something to do with the poor fishing after the ice has melted. The darkess caused by the ice - especially when covered in snow - causes everything to go into shut down status and although the fish have slowed down and are breathing less oxygen, the plants cease to produce it too. All theoretical of course, I never had the means to test it but almost certainly, the lack of oxygen in the water appears to be the c
  13. Actually the name of Hitchin comes from the name of the river that runs through the town - the river Hiz, the pronunciation of which is actually Hitch. The river also runs through the Prory Park in Hitchin which is where there was a shoal of huge roach. Of course it completely slipped my mind that Richard Walker, Pete Thomas, Bob Rutland and Alan Brown were great perpetrators of urban myths and if that is what you say it is, then I guess you must be right. If you remember 1963 you will remember that there was so much snow in places a lot of it was picked up and dumped elsewhere. But I guess
  14. He is certainly a danger to the monarchy as far as Australia is concerned. There is no doubt that Australia will eventually become a Republic but knowing that what ever we finish up with will be forever, many of us who want the change are content to allow things as they are until we can get what we want and not just something that the politicians want us have. However, while the Queen is seen to be acceptable in the mean time, I am afraid that as soon as Charles became King we would become a republic within a very short time. He is not a popular man here in Oz and even many of those who lik
  15. Salt was certainly a major problem during the '60's in a number of waters and especially the Hiz which was a brilliant roach water. During the big freeze one winter, Hitchin council scooped up tons of snow and dumped it on the ice over the River Hiz. Of course the snow was loaded with salt and grit. When the thaw began the salt went into the river and killed many of the roach, sadly the roach fishing never recovered from that. If the winter you are now experiencing continues for any length of time I would expect problems to come from the salt and also winter kill. Many anglers will be hea
  16. Yeah one of the first predictions related to "Global Warming" would be that places like the UK would have colder winters. Whether or not the changes are due to natural climate change or so called global warming, but I do know that in the 33 years I have lived in Australia the record high temperature during the course of a summer has increased by over 4c. Last summer when I was holidaying about 500klm north of here, we had a day at 49c. Last winter was the driest on record and I believe that November was the hottest November on record. Something defintely seems to be happening, there is no
  17. I fished with a group of very successful anglers for a number of years and many anglers considered us to be lucky. From time to time I would take out friends who where not so successful and some would call me lucky when I caught some good fish when they caught little or nothing. Others would ask me what I was doing and why I always seemed to catch fish. Those who considered my success to be luck never really progressed with their fishing. Those who asked questions frequently became more successful. Successful fishing is not a matter of rocket science, simply a matter of observation and att
  18. John, try to get out on a "Sambo" trip over Christmas while you are in Perth. It is claimed to be the best jig fishing in the world and while I can't say that that is true, it is incredible fishing. Fish are well cared for and returned. If you want to know more call me on 9405 1641 when you are in Perth and I will help where I can. The pictures are of fairly regular sized sambo and until you have felt one of them fight, you haven't fought a fish!
  19. We had a Democratic Party once but they sold out to the Government to help though a major taxation change and were rewarded with a little more power. They infuriated their supporters and I don't know whether it exists today. Certainly we never hear anything of it. Perhaps the same will happen to the Lib-Dems.
  20. OK, I will go along with the naked eye bit, but being a bit of a naked eye astronomer I do know that I have been able to see more stars from the west of Ireland than I can see from here. One thing that is impressive here though is the clarity of the skies and on some nights, especially up in the tropics, the stars and planets do seem to be dripping from the sky - especially the planets. Something else we see here, that I have never seen in the UK is the moon lit up by earth shine. It happens during the no moon period and the light reflected from the Pacific Ocean makes the disc clearly visi
  21. Winter kill is nothing to do with over stocking or poor management. It happens somewhere every time there is a prolonged freeze up. During the 1962/63 winter a lot of fisheries were completely wiped out, a fishery I had was one of them. Those most susceptable are the shallow waters the bottoms of which have a layer of dead leaves and other vegetation on them. Oxygen levels fall and the content of poisonous gases rises even though the decomposition of the detritous is retarded. Breaking ice can't hurt, but it is unlikely to do any good at all. I have no idea if an air pump pumping air int
  22. We have such clear skies here and very little light pollution but unfortunately the southern hemisphere does not get the best of those showers. We miss out on the normal night skies too. Only 20% of the stars visible from earth are visible in the southern hemisphere. So while you guys can't see them because of industrial pollution and light pollution we can't see them because they aren't there. I remember being totally awestruck during my first fishing holiday in Ireland (1961) when I saw the stars that were visible there. The milky way was so brilliant I could see the white line on the r
  23. The white tip and the oceanic white tip are different sharks. The white tip is generally a reef frequenter and is terrified of people. However the oceanic white tip is a very dangerous shark and one that is not to be trusted. I have only ever seen one, but I got out of the water very quickly when I did see it. I am more concerned about them than I am about tiger sharks.
  24. Personally I would never consider a Range Rover. A friend of mine has had two and they have been nightmares. I had to drive one of them 1300kms while towing a boat when it had no suspension. The suspension it had was pnuematic and one of the bags burst. On a second occasion we had to drive it around 500kms with no suspension because one of the pipes burst. Personally I find it difficult to go past a Nissan Patrol, they are absolutely brilliant off road and will leave a Range Rover in its exhaust fumes.
  25. Hi Guys, Does anyone here have an e-mail address for a Dougal Gray who I believe is a bailiff on a popular fishery. If no e-mail address is available, a snail mail address or a 'phone number would be welcome. Thanks a lot chevin
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