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    Dry fly takes

    hi, what size shipmans was it? dry takes can be very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! opinions differ on when, how hard to "lift" dont strike as such slow figure 8 will keep you in contact for a while i used to slowly move rod tip to either right or left (wind depending) on slow figure eight if a bow develops to right i move rod to left to "lift" "strike" set hook and if bow to left move rod tip right......... trial and error the smaller the fly the quicker it can spit it out
  2. hey elton long time no post on AN appologies for that in 1st instance i will be fishing this event at Woodford in Northern Ireland weetack4 will be with me we will do a post on return
  3. sorry but had too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. being a nurse who performs flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy this topic has a valid place on here even though light is made of it hummor does help screening programs are currently being rolled out uk wide and my region is due to commence Dec 2008 on a serious note any disturbance of bowel function however small should be mentioned to your gp
  5. tack4

    MOG report

    was a crackin session snatcher and a fitting result bring on next year m8
  6. Entry no.1 ----------- A Bit Hot Up Here ------------------------- exif details canon 300d date 3/11/07 taken by tack4 [Camera]Exposure Time = 2" F Number = F8 Exposure Program = Manual ISO Speed Ratings = 100 Date Time Original = 2007-11-03 20:46:34
  7. a wee bump as the season is upon us
  8. mistack4 (Caitlin 13), littletack4 (Kyle 11) and tack4 (myself) all went to jack's fishery 25 miles away sat pm from 3-7pm fish rising every where but not one of the 8 or so anglers could get them to take anything off the top... they were on the curse the canis jim an angler who has a caravan near the fishery was the first to land a decent fish on a green n yellow lure and had plenty follows and further success so the inevitable happend a time for tactic changes but thought i had nothing similar in my boxes tried a dog knobbler with no joy and found littletack4 gettin
  9. short sesssion last night fro me n kyle(littletack4) arrived at Jack Casey's fishery 1/2 hr drive form our house at just after 5 conditions loked favourable the deal is you contact him by phone prior to fishing which Kyle had done en route, so Jack arrived shortly after we did to have a blether collect monies ( £18 for a father n son combined 3 fish ticket) he helped set Kyle up and by 5:15 we were fishing nice we ripple on the water and a few fish rising and some of the usual kamikaze rainbow leaps occuring after Jack had a few casts with kyle he told him he wanted a go
  10. well conditions proved very tough like i needed that AMC and myself were out on a boat seeing hime have three takes two boated i had one take but lost it nnw wind gusty fc 3-4 with intermitent squally showers harry graham arrived after work and i fished on with him while alan was out with his da not a touch no rise at all sat weather slightly better ie there was a bit of sun but still that gusty wind not a touch until the shortest of evening rises saw harry land a couple which got me off my arse and stop a phone call to land two rainbow to 3lb on size 18 ha
  11. was back at fluff chucking last night with my kids in tow at a wee fishery 30 mins from my door misstack4 (caitlin 13) not too interested but kept us going in cooked rolls hmmmmmmmmm! loverly jubbely! very bright conditions wit patchy cloud cover to say the least was casting for littletack4 (kyle 11) and sharing retrieves to try and keep interest not too much doing till some other anglers arrived as the rise came on strong my first fish came to a weesize 16 white/cream klink nowt on buzzer frustration ensued as rise went off the boil misstack4 decides i have
  12. arranged a short 4 hr session with a mate who due to work had been yet to wet aline this season weather had been overcast but warm all day fingers were crossed for a good evening rise at a wee fishery 30 mins from my doorstep in sw scotland as we arrived the heavens opend (thankfully it only lsated fro 15 -20 mins before becoming the odd drop now and again) as we tackled up in the shelter we were both using 7wt lines on 7-8wt outfits drys were both our choices and we set about our task....... jack the fishery owner had said for us to strat fishing and he would meet up
  13. nice one unca' snatcher the tack4 squad had a short session nearer home with littletack4 catching the only wrasse we all had bites but only one hook up so it was then off to hacve a go at some mackeral spinnig with only tack4 being successful with 3 big mackeral, 3 coallies approx 1- 1 1/2 lb and two decent pollack biggest just over 4lb hell of a scrap another m8 arrived, as we were packin up, fresh from an all nighter with 5 bass to 5 1/2 lb to his name and a 15lb bull huss
  14. cooooooooooooooooooooooooool pics m8 must show the kids just after they have eaten
  15. cheers guys there were several shots i could have used from that weekend but that one captured the essence of the topic i thought. I was learning to fly fish in northern ireland and the shot was one of several taken at that time of the day as the angle in the shot(harry) and i had fished the whole night through (arrived at 10:00 friday am wnet to bed finally at 09:45 sat morning for 2 hours) and i was just about to return his tuition on the fly with some tuition on composition ( new to digi photography with a lumix DMC-FZ20) and was a dawn in a million
  16. Entry one A Fly Dawn taken by tack4 Exif[ Model = Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Exposure Time = 1/250" F Number = F10 ISO Speed Ratings = 1600 Exif Version = Version 2.2 Date Time Original = 2007-06-09 05:21:30 Focal Length = 21mm Entry two 32 hrs hard work ‘n’ only 2hrs sleep taken by tack4 Exif Model = Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Exposure Time = 1/60" F Number = F5.6 ISO Speed Ratings = 1600 Date Time Original = 2007-06-09 22:26:02
  17. part 2 after food was washed down with a medicinal the adventure continued the evening rise came on but the trout were extremely pre occupied by "the curse" canis and would not rise to a lure from many a rod including stevie (my new sensai) so practice casting and presntation of the fly continued as the evening began to turn to night several appoligies and well wishings were exchanged Phil hit the tent for a sleep he'd been up since 3 am for his flight from liverpool. Me......... go to bed........that would be right so talked a plan of action with harry who
  18. in an atempt to improve technique and hopefully break my fly cherry am away from early hours friday8th for three days fishing at straid fishery NI www.straidfishery.co.uk wish me well full report on return i promise possibly the odd one or two beers will be scoffed but hey ho some ones got to do it big report this, so grab a drink now 'cause i am will post up photos when at home as unable to access my hard drive at the mo part 1 friday am restless night eventually gave up trying to sleep after 2 attempts so with 4 hrs sllep i was up at 04:15 to have a shower cuppa bre
  19. Nice One Santcher what song was he givin laldie to?
  20. tack4

    Photo Of The Day.

    biking with kids today past this and had to stop
  21. overgrown taken by tack4 exif Model = Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Date Time = 2007-05-06 17:40:07 Exposure Time = 1/80" F Number = F7.1 Focal Length = 43mm shocking taken by tack4 exif Model = Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Date Time = 2007-05-06 16:54:30 Exposure Time = 1/320" F Number = F10 Focal Length = 22mm
  22. nice quiet weekend for the tack4's ..........not saturday saw tracy (mum) off to a scrapbooking crop, which left me with misstack4 and littletack4 so i thought hmm..... wrassing at west tarbert, mull of galloway an impromptu sesion ended with misstack4 cuffing us both two wrasse to nil including a pb wrasse of 2 lb 1 oz for caitlin (misstack4) the pace was relentless..... kyle (littletack4) lost several fish at the waters edge as they all " kept spiiting the hook" and wasn't impressed but his glory would come later in the weekend a short stop on the way h
  23. diy noughts & crosses exif Make = Concord Camera Corp. Model = Concord Eye-Q 3346z Software = 1.1.3 Date Time = 2007-04-14 19:28:20 Exposure Time = 1/84" F Number = F3.4 Exposure Program = Aperture priority decaying stonework exif Make = Canon Model = Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Exposure Time = 1/60" F Number = F5.6 Exposure Program = Normal program ISO Speed Ratings = 800 Date Time Original = 2007-04-21 20:26:00 Focal Length = 55mm
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