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  1. Evening in the margins where the match anglers fish most often, preferably the less competent ones that dont hook so many fish but still pre bait for you If there are fish present they probably wont show but they'll be there under your feet if there's food to be had and they haven't been spooked out of the margin ? Sounds like paste baits would work well - find the clear bottom where the match guys fish (check out the pole fishing line ????) but I would put one only 3 feet out where the match guys chuck their bait when they pack up.
  2. Hi Andy For a tenner you could get them and try them, but its difficult to say how much load these will take. Give them a call, but whenever I've used even aircraft grade ali for fittings it does age over time and landing nets are often put under a lot of leverage unwittingly - for the risk involved I'd play safe ? There are many quick assemble net fittings on the market that slide or clip together and are 100%
  3. Hmmm, dont think I would trust them, they're made of aluminium so will strain and could weaken. Why use them on a net - how long does it take to screw a net on or spring the arms out ? Excellent for quick set up of alarms etc, and probably even a match pan, but would be wary of heavy use such as trawling kippers out of the margin with 3 hundredweight of weed ....
  4. Glad to help, does Jim get a fee for each viewing like TV programmes ???????
  5. Did you check the mouth to see if you got a weak hookhold which then transfered to the outside ? Are you fishing bouyant baits ? What shape/style of hook are you using - bent or curved hooks will tend to give this. How long is hooklength and weight of lead ? Hair length is most likely. Can you get a photo or drawing on here ? That they were both hooked in the same place does indicate a rig issue, as Common said, more info and everyone will be able to give some feedback
  6. Elton Have a look in your mailbox
  7. Why not create an area the fish want to visit based on where they patrol ? They won't stay round the island for long if there's no supply of food; or you find or create richer pickings elsewhere ? Boats are great to remove the tedium of spodding but people will always abuse them to catch that extra fish .......
  8. Been working fine until midweek then seemed to go downhill. in a case in my rucksack so no damage or damp I nearly a full moon eh !
  9. Got Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Did an afternoon in the week and thought Blue was playing up so changed batteries on all four. Found one playing up tonight and then found they were all doing same thing - changed batteries again just to be sure but still u/s - odd eh ?
  10. All the tackle shops stock them for a coupla quid. or http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/ Look under Bankstick Accessories
  11. I have four Fox Rx alarms and have had to come home after they have all stopped working on me at the start of a weekend session. They work fine when first switched on but seem to go to sleep after 20 minutes or so, switch them off and back on again and they work for a while. Fitted new batteries but still same fault. Anyone else come across this ?
  12. Whether the Fishing Race was ill judged, and I agree that it may have been, your statement regarding J.G's water and his enjoyment of it was rather harsh ? Anyone who finds enjoyment and beauty in the smallest places is a lucky angler whatever their catches represent to others, there are days in the office when I would be very happy to spend an afternoon sat by a small pond catching 5 lbers
  13. Use a neutral bouyancy ball insead of a cork ball, or balance the ball before you put paste round it or it will pop up if any small fish pick off bits of paste and the hooklength will swivel up of the bottom.... If you are using firm paste and re-casting relatively frequently then a matchstick 3/8" ( sorry - 10mm) long tied on the end of the hair is ideal to mould the paste round.
  14. If your enjoying yourself J.G. then go for it - fishing a quiet puddle in the company of nice people - isn't that what it's all about ? We all started somewhere and I guess a lot of us have fished the odd garden pond along the way.
  15. You can soak in either, hot water will clean the hemp up a bit but cold is fine. This is the kinder way to cook hemp. Hemp does not need to be soaked so if you want to speed things up get down the boot fair and buy yourself a Prestige pressure cooker, half fill with hemp - top up with water - stir it all in to wet it all then bring up to pressure using the heaviest weight. When the cooking weight lifts take off the heat (carefully) and you'll have split hemp. Get two pressure cookers and you can be heating one while you let the other de-presurise. I used to get a system going and it was no
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