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  1. Sounds great, but my problem is I am always, that's always, hungry. The more exercise I seem to do the hungrier I feel. I'm thinking of hypnotherapy. I take metformin as a supplement to my supposed diet but the Doctor wants to put me on Insulin which I don't want to do. I was put on something extra to the metformin but immediately suffered hypos. There's no hope.
  2. Legalised theft by the state perhaps? I hope someone attempts a prosecution of the police on this. People may not like to see these people and their baggage but it is their baggage.
  3. It's not just the size but the speed rating that adds to the many THOUSANDS of tyre sizes, makes etc. It's 12 years since I was in the tyre business and it was a nightmare trying to keep a good selection of sizes in stock. When I sold up my stock was valued at around £20k at wholesale prices and my place was pretty small. We relied to a large degree on the big stockists around the area, the trick was to know when their deadline was throughout the day.
  4. I'd take issue with that, I've had a couple of Sony's and the were both excellent. Still have one although not DSLR. Also remember Minolta? Didn't Sony inherit all their camera technology and lens? Nothing wrong with Minolta R.I.P
  5. SR1 is installed. It looks like I'm going to have to live with this one for the time being. Thanks for trying. Colin
  6. OK Finally got around to doing the above to no avail. I had a thought and as I have a 32 bit version of wW7 installed I thought I'd give that a try! Sadl the same result. Any other ideas please?
  7. Rumour has it there's a few Bass off those beaches at Tramore
  8. Ireland is great if you can handle the weather. We had a holiday home in Co. Mayo for 20+ years and loved the place, the people but the weather can get you down. It's better down Waterford way but not a lot. Maintenance costs on the house weren't exactly a major problem but they did mount up [we were on a small cliff overlooking the Atlantic] and regular maintenance was a must. There's a bit more of a cash culture than in the UK, you must get quotes in writing for any work you get done. Don't get involved in any local feuds!! We decided to sell up as we are heading into our 70s.
  9. A bit like I do when Blair [especially], Brown or Miliband appear on screen.
  10. What would you suggest, euthanasia? :0( As a pensioner I wouldn't be too keep on that! How long have you got to wait before you are one? :0)
  11. Time, date and time zone all OK. Lunch in the Bridge Inn Lenwade was OK. Didn't quite touch on Fakenham. Next time perhaps. It seems I have ancestors buried in Tofftrees church and church yard [allegedly].
  12. Still no go I'm afraid. I'll leave it for the moment and have another go tomorrow or Wednesday. In Lenwade tomorrow via Downham Market, Swaffham, Dereham etc.
  13. Done all the above but still no go??? Any other ideas?
  14. Turned AV off and still the same in both IE and FF this is what I get From here I get the unable to update windows. I've run several AV scans [Avast] [sAS] but still the same problem. Error 80073712. Followed the instructions for this to no avail.
  15. Doesn't do that on Coolsport + you can access full screen as well. It works for me no problem.
  16. If you are on Coolsport you need to find the little 'x's and closes all the shite. There's usually about 3 to close and then all should be ok.
  17. I don't know about Mark sticking him in a wall, I wanted him to punch the horrible little scrote. Another Alonso.
  18. On Coolsport now race about to start. I hope you are watching Barry. Is there anything you can't get on t'internet?
  19. As above. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Followed all the help stuff but to no avail. Any suggestions apart from a reinstall?
  20. David Platt, do I know you from Grafham, Invicta fly fishing club or GWFFA?
  21. http://www.firstrow1.eu/sport/motosport.html Don't download the free HD app, it's full of sh!te http://www.coolsport.tv/schedule.html http://www.wiziwig.tv/ Good viewing! Are you happy now?
  22. PM your address Judy, I might just be able to help you out with some software. What OS are you running?
  23. Has a death certificate been issued? Without one no funeral can take place. As Den said you cannot just take a deceased person where you wish. Generally a body is only released to a funeral director, also perhaps a post Mortem may need to be carried out? It's also an offence not to register a death. Sounds like a job for a solicitor. Condolences and hopefully the outcome will be as requested.
  24. Oxygen sensors are a pain. My X Trail needed a new one but it turned out the screw in fixing on the manifold was the problem. 1 week out of warranty and Nissan said "tough", so after many arguments and £1600 later it was fixed. Never will I buy another Nissan. What this has to do with Vauxhall Astra Drivers I have no idea?
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