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  1. Lets Work Together by Canned Heat back in 1969.
  2. It wasn't an Okuma Aventa VT 1002 was it?
  3. A 20lb. surface popper you say? That'll take some casting but I'm willing to give it a go - on Leon's rods, anyway. Yep those big Yo Zuri Poppers fight harder than the fish
  4. Re River Rother It was cold very cold about 3°C all day, I tried everything soft bodies, spinnerbaits, plugs spoons small jerkbaits I could not buy a pike; I did get a Bream on a Fox Micro Demon Mini jerkbait. :confused: :confused: :confused: My partner Sue went even better catching a solitary thumb sized Ruffe on a spinnerbait three times its size. The only Pike caught were taken by a guy deadbaiting with Sardine who caught three, at last knockings. [ 20. February 2005, 10:13 PM: Message edited by: Tony U ]
  5. Plenty Kingfishers on the Medway, the warmer winters have increased their numbers. However,predation by Cormorants, of the silver fish will have a long term effect, then perhaps the RSPB will listen.
  6. If you fancy lure fishing the Warren Folkestone we have already been discussing (sort of) its potential in the seafishing reports, the fossiling is pretty good as well: http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/ubb/ultimatebb...ic;f=9;t=000342 If Leon wants to get worked up about surface poppers the Red Snappers in Cuba go nuts for them; they average around 19-20 lbs and are brillliant on Pike Baitcasting/spinning gear. We are of again in April for more of the same.
  7. Newt Basically the same I use a Quantum 6' QXLC Medium heavy action, 30 lb Berkeley Wiplash and a 4400 Shakespeare/Pflueger Medalist for this sort of work. I have relatives in Canada and have been using baitcasting gear for longer than I care to remember; at least since I got my first Bobby Orr outfit brought back from Canada by my Gran round about 1967. It was brilliant for Perch in Killingworth and Bolam Lakes in Northumberland when I was a kid. [ 20. February 2005, 12:50 AM: Message edited by: Tony U ]
  8. Newt I had also bought some Rattle Hot Craw Tubes earlier (this inspired my larger purchase. I am going to use them for Chub this summer on my local river which has large numbers of signal crayfish.
  9. My hook tyer (matchman type), has finally given up the ghost after twenty odd years the plastic cracked by the second post. I have had to pay out the princely sum of £2.99 to replace it. Invaluable piece of kit if you use small spade end hooks and have fingers like bananas
  10. Steve Thinking about it Stubbs Hall Lakes, would be easier to show someone how to flyfish as Walton is boatfishing only not the best place to learn.
  11. Peter Where were you fishing? the North Pole? Sounds as if it was a s cold as Timsbury last week. It can't get as cold as that in Kent, can it?
  12. Newt I got the following: Storm Wildeye Rippin Minnow -Size: 8inch - Chartreuse Silver Storm Wildeye Rattle Split Tail Minnow - Colour/Size: 4inch Rainbow Trout Storm Wildeye Rattle Shrimp 4 Inch: Colour: Nature Storm Wildeye Jerkin Minnow - Colour: Limetreuse - Saltwater Storm Wildeye Curltail Minnow - Size: 4inch Rainbow Trout Storm Wildeye Buzz'n Tail Shad - Colour: Watermelon Storm Wildeye Jigging Shad: Colour: Mullet - 6 inch - 42g Storm Wildeye Jiggin Soft Minnow: - Colour: Fathead Minnow Storm Naturistic Shrimp - Colour/Size: 4inch Tiger Shrimp Storm Naturistic Shrimp -
  13. I've had mink run over my foot on the River Medway at Yalding, and I found Otter spraint(crap) on the a Tribuatary the River Beult never seen an otter though.
  14. I have just purchased more of these lures than is sensible, from the Harris Angling Bargain of the day. http://www.harrisangling.co.uk/bargainlist.asp I am going to give a few of them a bash on the Kent and Sussex Rother tomorrow and see how they fare. Has any body had any success with these? or am I just wasting my time and money. They do look good it must be said.
  15. It's only because you had a go with mine at Timsbury
  16. Steve No problem I live in Kent but go up to Wakefiled regularly to visit my sister, she lives in Walton near the trout lake. I am aiming to be up there for Easter weekend
  17. Thanks for that I might give it a go next time I visit. I usually find myself Fly Fishing at Walton Hall Trout Lake its only a few hundred yards from my sisters place and is excellent . Still that is for another nessage board [ 17. February 2005, 12:16 PM: Message edited by: Tony U ]
  18. There is a day ticket venue in the garden of a pub near Fitzwilliam, called the Sportsmans Arms or such like. I caught a really big orange Koi there on breadflake a good few summers back. I will check to see if its still going, they used to bring your drinks out to your swim whilst you were fishing
  19. Tony U


    Leon I still have about four pints of reds in the fridge, left over from the weekend. I guess I will have to try Horsham Lake or similar tomorrow. Reputedly there are some big roach in there.
  20. [ 17. February 2005, 12:19 PM: Message edited by: Tony U ]
  21. Look at the Shimano Hyperloop Barbel rods cant beat them for the price, especilally if you shop around
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