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  1. I will be out on the banks ready for a midnight start, but if I tell you where I will have to kill you.
  2. Whatever I am doing at that time. At the moment it is gravelpit fishing for bream. Hard going but great whe you catch a fish.
  3. I make my own, have done so for years.It really gives satisfaction when you catch on your own boilie which is your own concoction from base mix upwards.
  4. I very often scour my boilies with a baiting needle.
  5. I have been using artificial corn for the last two spring campaignsfor bream. It felt really odd at first,it doesn't feel right being artificial, but I soon realised it works. The problem with real corn was I was getting sucked baits and not even knowing about so in effect fishing with no bait. Now I cast out,put the rods in the pod and know that the bait will always be there. Plus I am fishing pop-up which with a single corn and a piece of rig foam is just right. And just caught a near 30lb carp too.
  6. I might as well be tench fishing, because that's all I'm catching at the moment on a gravel pit bream campaign. Still, they are good fish so I'm not complaining.
  7. Contact Steve Williams, a really nice guy who has a caravan that he lets out. He will also help you with the fishing etc. You can't go wrong www.caravanonthesevern.co.uk And no I am not on commission.
  8. I'm currently on a gravel pit, hoping to better my pb bream. So far though no bream but some nice tench, so I may get a surprise pb on that front. I'm also perch fishing on the local canal. Come June it will be barbel, barbel, barbel with a few specifics that I will focus on.
  9. I'm currently on a gravel pit after bream. No bream yet but some really nice tench, so I'm not complaining.
  10. I have just got back from a 2-night session, the first time in my life I have ever fished without a licence.
  11. That's a nice story, thanks for sharing it. And well done to Martin James.
  12. Never been in that position, but I have been asked on numerous occasions for my ticket which is good. One thing I don't like is when people poach waters - I buy a ticket why should someone else freeload? So when I see people getting evicted I don't feel sorry for them. I was once on a BAA stretch and after the bailiff did his walk, I was the only one left - 8 others were aked to leave!
  13. Some anglers specifically target barbel with a fly rod and a nymph.
  14. A bit too far for the limits you have set, but I'll post it anyway as it may be of help to others. Dudmaston Hall near Bridgnorth in Shropshire. Not massive fish, but if you happy with lots of 5lb plus tench and the odd 6lb'er then it's worth a go. Very picturesque too. Run by Kinver Freeliners, do an Internet search and you'll get the web site. No day tickets and a season ticket may be more than many would want to pay, but it depends what you are after.
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