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  1. If i have a digital photo on my PC that is 2.44mB how do i reduce it too 300k to be able to upload to A.N. Do i need to buy a program?
  2. The tallest free standing structure, would it be the new needle in Dublin Snooker table i thought had six legs or is it that you can only have a leg on each corner which is 4 and the centre 2 have a different name. OK just read previous threads, snooker table sorted, now whats the answer to tallest structure
  3. Been away, maybe if you explained what part of TomTom you are trying to update. ie, are you trying to update the maps or TomTom version maybe the POI camera data base. maybe the voices or is it just a patch? What version of Tom Tom do you have? What are you trying to do exactly? Could sound to me that if you have TomTom ver 6 then active sync maynot be compatable with win98. I need more info.
  4. OH, BLUE SPANNER? The wife did tell me i am half animal. Easy Tiger!!
  5. As i understand the no smoking law, No smoking is allowed in any enclosed public space, including places like pub gardens. smoking while walking down local high street is ok, but smoking while standing outside your work place is not. I should imagine the same rule would apply to boats as it would to company car drivers. No smoking in company cars, unless you have a convertable, then your are allowed to smoke, only if you have the roof down. This also applies to tractor drivers in a field miles away from any road. Unless you are in scotland, then smoking in a company car is
  6. I have the Vectra 1.9 CDTI diesel hatchback. Tank will take £55 to fill up get approx 630 miles to the tank full, but i do do alot of motorway driving. Also the diesel is heavy on engine oil. Approx 1ltr every 2 months, I do around 2000miles a month. Also for fishing i do have to move passenger front seat forward to get rod holdall in. Hope this helps.
  7. melpen


    he Moved to Cheshire, where mobile phone signal is non existent, he has no internet connection, and i believe he gave up fishing!! A bit of a recluse i suspect.
  8. Oops to late! She`s up Just been told to keep out the way! Great thats me, I`m off fishing. Thats the way to do it.
  9. oh b******ks forgotten again! Going now better do breakfast quick!!
  10. I would have used fdisk to repartition drive, this will enable you to partition non-windows partitions. There must be a copy of fdisk on the net somwhere.
  11. Motherboard is a MSI K7D master L. Just looked at AMD website, believe spec temp max is 90 C ?
  12. just one more question. Just checked BIOS settings CPU Warning Temp is set at 70 C/ 158 F CPU1 Temp is at 55 C/131 F CPU2 Temp is at 60 C/140 F Do these figures seem ok, have never touched them many thanks
  13. I have 2 x AMD MP2800 processors, inside looks clean enough, but did have probs in summer when ambient temperature was high. I might invest in 2 new processor fans Does it harm the processors if they are running at 100%?
  14. i do have rendering probs, and overtemp alarms. You would have thought suppliers would fit fans man enough to cope with this.
  15. Changed preferences, including general preferences, both PC processors still at 100% had to suspend, when PC is idle processors are at 0% any idea`s do want to give it a go, but cannot have processors at 100%
  16. What have i done wrong? Downloaded software, signed up downloaded project, PC processors now running at 100% constantly, over heat alarms now going off, resource share is set at 100% how do i change it?
  17. Its actually a 16mb connection if i put in 6th gear
  18. Just re-run test, new results Download 13216kbps 1652KB/sec upload 112kbps 14KB/sec
  19. Download speed 10904kbps (1363KB/sec) upload speed 102kbps (12.8KB/sec) I dont have conventional Broadband live 12km away from exchange, can anybody recalculate what my download speed is in MB
  20. melpen


    Many thanks for prompt reply, think i will try to buy one on-line
  21. melpen


    I am being totally thick, If i bought my full Rod licence on 10th April 2006 does it expire on 9th April 2007 or 31st March 2007?
  22. 70 mile an hour gales here, trees down some roads closed, Dartford toll bridge closed, 5 mile tail backs on M25, isle of sheppy bridge closed tail backs. Told not to venture out. So pretty much a normal day, here in Kent.
  23. Have you any photos you can e-mail me. Also what part of world you in?
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