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  1. Snowed in!!! no work today then. Waiting for local farmer to fix snow plough to tractor.
  2. Had volume turned down got to close to screen, what a plonker, found new meaning for yule log
  3. Father Christmas The old man with the sack 'Father Christmas' (or 'Santa Claus') has become the human face of Christmas. Pictures will be seen everywhere of the old man with long white beard, red coat, and bag of toys. Children are taught that he brings them presents the night before Christmas (or in some countries on December 6th - St. Nicholas' Day), and many children up to the age of 7 or 8 really believe this is true. In most countries, it is said that he lives near the North Pole, and arrives through the sky on a sledge (snow-cart) pulled by reindeer. He comes into houses down the chi
  4. When you get a silent caller the time is logged as most probable time to get an answer from a customer & not an answer phone. A profile is being made. When you get a silent caller, be quick and hit the #key 7 times before they hang up, this will kick your number out of the autodialer computer. this used to work, it may still be active.
  5. I have the hp1710 with TomTom 5. Go to:- http://www.pocketgps.co.uk/modules.php?nam...rums&file=index
  6. It all depends on your contract of employment, or if you have accepted or have been doing this for 30days or more, that is, if you are looking for payment, or trying to get out of doing it.(dont quote me on the 30 days may be longer). This area is a mine field, how many hours a week are you contracted todo? do you get paid overtime, are you on a salary etc etc Look at it this way, you are driving a company car if the company say that your start time is 9am then you are driving th
  7. test2 ok now i`am getting somewhere i give up
  8. ok just lowered cach figure still delayed ok now increased cash size from the last line to this one has been 10mins so far test
  9. Use this site to block calls etc http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/
  10. It seems to be just with this site
  11. When i post, it takes about 10mins for my post to appear in the relevent topic, even if i shutdown my browser & restart it (firefox), is this normal. would you believe it, except this one, it must be only on replies yes its on replies yes definately, i`ve banged these out 1 after another to see what happens this is about the 5th reply i have sent myself 10 mins cant see any of them i cant relpy to my own post nope something a miss oops just come through, has listed all my replies under same heading even so it still took 15mins to see the addons
  12. on its way. Thanks you should have it now
  13. sounds like emmersion heater thermostat is faulty. If heater is on for long enough & at full blast then will heat up tank in loft. But this would also mean that the water in the emmersion tank is at boiling point, potentially very dangerous. I think!!!! I am no plumber just a DIYer
  14. The reason i left wontawork is because i used 2 e-mail addresses 1 was with freeserve the other was a german e-mail address when i tried to send an e-mail using my german e-mail, it wont work, because they will not allow what is known as tunneling, so changed to tiscali now ok.
  15. My daughter e-mailed it to me, its very funny. but would like to share it, but my technical web ability is very limited. Maybe i could e-mail you a copy then if poss with your expertise you can find a way to share it. MEL
  16. Hi John, Have tried but, the sound bites are embeded in an rtf file, uploading it to my hosting web site somehow ignores the sounds. The sound bites are in PCM format & frontpage tells me that it has to be in U-LAW am trying to convert without success
  17. I have a file witch i would like to share, but it has sounds attached, can you upload sound to the forum, if so how?
  18. Am surprised you got through to wonkanuts help desk at all, must have had trainning on that ringing thing on the desk.
  19. type in freeserve in your browser, go to members area YOUR ACCOUNT, change account details & cancel, on-line. Then cancel payment with your bank. You will get a letter from wakanoo, stating that they could not get payment, in the letter will be a direct telephone number,call them explain that you canceled. This is what happened when i canceled with wikachoo, & went to Tiscali
  20. What version of Nero are you using, or are you using the free one that came with the burner
  21. Never was any good at art, i lost
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