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  1. Just got news that I have been selected for a weekend of fun and flyfishing in July on the Test Its an all women occassion arranged by Sue Hunter, been on the waiting list for 18 months and almost forgot about it. It was Leon who sent me the link . cant wait! It is a charity funded affair all I need is my fuel to get there. Tony said as compensation for not going fishing with me he will take an Orvis goody Bag if I am offerred but I have told him it is all mine! The link, if any ladies are interested is : http://www.castingforrecovery.org.uk/ Its a fantastic weekend retreat in a lovely
  2. Ayjay The English Channel does not seem to be an insurmountable barrier for this species as it has colonised the Danish island of Bornholm which lies a similar distance from the mainland as that between northern France and Kent.
  3. Thanks all for the concern.Lovely Pictures Snatcher. The view from your van isnt bad is it? I think the dancers are Tynebridge Morris, met them in Braodstairs a few years back, weird lot, they dont dont dance in pubs! I look forward to Wingham, cant wait to get into the nice countryside and some fresh air, its so peaceful there ! Treatment going okay, responding well to it already. I have been considering myself lucky with the side effects as well as they were not half as bad as I had expected and have mapped out the good weeks I can go fishing and Wingham is one of the 'good weeks' yip
  4. Do you lot ever do any fishing? My Dad used to grow Show Carrots. They were grown in 5 ft drainpipes and reached aboout 4ft. I cant remember how the B****y heck we sliced them though! I do remember they went fantastically well in his Leek Broth when they were in season, now leeks, thats another story and maybe another thread altogether! Sue
  5. Not being as PC literate as Tony I dont know how to change the title of this thread but I am sure he will manage it! None of this "Bad News " stuff! The good news is that it is treatable and I will be under the weather for 6 months and then, onwards and upwards. Tony will keep you informed but up to now I havent heard the Drs say it isnt something they cant cure so I class myself as one of the lucky ones. I start chemo Friday and cant wait ( sounds weird I know!) Lyn, thanks so much for your kind messages, maybe we could go to one of those ladies trout fishing retreats when feeling up to
  6. Hi All. Thanks for all your kind thoughts. I am staying positive and getting on with whatever the docs tell me to do, and they are positive at this stage. Resorted to " its in their hands". Avoiding alternative therapy websites. Starting chemo next week and looking forward to a recovery soon; albeit a bit of along journey first . Medicine moves fast and everyone is individual I am told, no matter what stage. If I am not up to it, Tony will keep you updated but I do look forward to a trip to Timsbury later in the year - need to use my new unused WATERPROOF camo 2 piece! Leon, thanks so muc
  7. Ours is a rescue cat and he hasn't got a clue when it comes to birds; he likes to sit and watch them and thats about it. He has brought a couple of mice in but does not know what to do with them........... I do I scream for Tony to get them out of the house
  8. What is it with you lot and Kiwis??? Soozy
  9. Fantastic photos and fantastic fish. You both look like you enjoyed your trip immensly. I too would not be bored with your birdwatching list!!
  10. As Tony said, not many fish in our swims but the river is so beautiful that to catch is a bonus. Its great to see the pics of fish everyone (bar us!) caught. I especially love FAYES pike! It looks really good nick (sorry Leon) I have memorised the tree in the background where the picture was taken and will try that spot next time-. Maybe we should have skipped the ASDA breakfast and gone there for opening time! I would like to say it was great meeting you all. Thanks Lyn for for the chocolate biccies and to Matt for leaving some for the rest of us! ha ha ! Thanks for the compliments about the
  11. Thanks for all your kind condolences, we arrived back home today. Tony had a pint with Snatcher at Whitley Bay to cheer him up but this was short lived after the dismal performance by newcastle united when he went to see them at St James Park. Never mind- we can now start to plan the next AN fish in- I hear a Pike Trip calling? Hope you all had a good trip and caught better than last year- hope it didnt rain?We were thinking of you!
  12. It wasn't that cold actually but it was a bit gusty on occasions.Had some good exercise running after net bag and bait lids! We had a lovely sun trap and my face actually caught a bit of the sun - about all I did catch all day! I think I should get some credit for Tony's good catch as I still think I fed his swim all day as I was perched on his left. Perhaps he should sit on my left next time! A good day anyway, nice to meet you all again and good to see more women anglers turned out, shame we did not get a chance to talk more. A hint for anyone next time- if you- like us -forget to bring wate
  13. The long walk to the top swim was worth it for my first 'Grey alien' - it is a beautiful place. The aching bones today have reminded me to look at the price of trolleys for the next trip! Must be getting old. Thanks to the organiser for arranging the day and the lovely mulled wine - and for the record.. I enjoy catching minnows just have to bring more bait next time! Where are the woman anglers then? Judy, you must join us sometime. Sue
  14. Steve- so sorry to hear about the accident but thank goodness you and Peggie got out of it okay. I dont know if the bus Tony & I were in during a holiday in Spain some years ago was a Volvo but we managed to walk out of a fatal bus crash when the brakes failed going down a mountain. You have our deepest empathy having gone through the trauma and shock. Your right - life is never the same again - you have to live for today and appreciate every moment . Best wishes for a swift recovery.
  15. I took this on holiday with Tony in the Sierra Grazelema a week or so back. It kept flying off but i got a oicture when it was sunning itself on a wall. Sue PS It is a Two Tailed Pasha.
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