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  1. 1. Use seasonal cosmetics cream for hands. 2. Carry a small candle in your pocket to warm up your hands in a quiet place.
  2. I can suggest using 2 floats: the first to perform the usual functios and the second(a havier one)- to make the pin rotate and make a longer cast.
  3. I've read somewhere about using 2 floats on the line when fishing with a centrepin. The 1st one closer to you is to make the pin rotate, while the 2nd- to register the bite. The position of the centrepin also matters sometimes. In most cases it rotates easier, if you keep it vertical, i.e. the axis is horisontal.
  4. As far as bream, roach and similar fish taken with the use of commercial groundbait, I have become very suspecious about taking it for food. The effect they make on fish, e.g. fish swallowing the groundbait madly without picking out live food, makes me think that some kind of psyhotropic drugs are used in that stuff. And what will be, if we eat that fish? We've got drug control and sanitatary control to protect people. And who is protecting fish; cats and other domestic animals, I wonder?
  5. We are all Mother Nature's sons. So what I have noticed from my own fishing experience is that the effect of air pressure, Moon phase, light conditions, negative or positive, is the same on me and on fish. On my way to the fishing site I just check my mood, and if the head is bright and the world is fine- fishing is very likely to be successful. Wish it always was like that on the days off
  6. Once in America, in Vermont, I took a couple of 2 lb chub from the Connecticut river and was very much surprised, when they refused to cook it at the kitchen of the hotel, where I studied hospitality business. And they prepared salmon for dinner. Here in Russia 99 % of anglers take fish home and eat what they catch. And its not because we can't afford any other food, but because the fish you catch and cook yourself with spicies like " preparing the tackle", "watching the float", "landing the fish" makes the meal the most delicious in the wourld"! Here we like to make the most fresh fish s
  7. Greenpeace suggestion: place minnows in a glass container on the river bottom and fish for predators with a lure :)
  8. In addition to "classical" fly fishing, that I respect very much) you can try 2 other methods of fishing for chub with a fly. 1. Use a rod and a reel, fixing the end of the line to a long antenna of a rather heavy float. Place a dry fly on a hooklength at some distance from the float and you can play that fly over and on the water surface after casting the float or letting it go down with the current. 2. Tie a several-feet-long line to the bush on the opposite bank, with a swivel at the other end of it. With your rod&reel left on your bank, bring the end of your main line to that swivel
  9. The fact that Russians have just won both team and individual gold in the world spinning (lure fishing) championship in Portugal made me rather inthuziastic, so I put aside float fishing tackle for a while and took my spinning rod&reel. On the Friday evening I went to the river in half a mile from my country bungaloo and had a success, taking 2 perch and a chub on tiny Mepps spinner almost in the dask. Next morning I was eager to continue that, but in half an hour two pikes "ate" my two and only Mepps. I even remember the smart face of on pike, almost lauphing at me. Revange was what I wan
  10. Newt, I'm learning all my life (for 53 years already ) Yesterday, for example, I've leant, that laying my lure on the bottom for a couple of minutes will give the pearch time to think over its first "unfortunate" attack and be on hook at the second. I,d really like to read the thread about circle hooks and see how my lure will play, in the bass, for the start. By the way, I've leant recently, that contrary to the pike that siezes the minnow, the pearch comes close and,using its gills to suck the minnow in. For this reason, the say, its preferable to use suspended on split ring hooks wit
  11. Hi, argyll ! In Moscow and several other big cities of Russia there are representatives of Maver, Milo, Trabucco, Mikado, Sensas and others. In my home city of Yaroslavl (on the Volga) there are a dozen of retail shops that bring tackle wholesale in Moscow. Fishing line comes mostly from Germany, hooks are Mustad and Owner made, reels are from Shimano and China. Equipment and tackle for pole-fishing can be ordered from the West via Moscow companies. But it came to be like this only a couple of years ago. Regards,
  12. Thanks a lot for help! I am just learning
  13. Newt asked me once whether I make lures. Yes,I do, and if you'd like to make your own for jerk fishing for perch from a boat,embankment or ice (if any ), just take a piece of copper (brass, bronze) rod ( L/dia ratio=6:1) and follow my illustrations here
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