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  1. Electric (battery) hook tie gadgets are available. Close to me at Ladybower adapted boats for wheelchair users are available. Beyond that it would depend on your individual requirements.
  2. I know of a Scottish chap that sea fishes from a kayak but he's the only one.
  3. I would love to be able to justify the purchase of just one item of tackle at that price. Much as I love centrepins thats obscene money. I'll stick with my Wensum for under 50, at least i can afford to use it.
  4. It would have been better for it to be 55 years per victim, served back to back. No doubt now he'll be out in 5 years, given a house and a huge state handout to live on plus allowed to import all his friends family and acquaintances at the expense of our taxes
  5. Or in my case joined the Army and spent a lifetime as a soldier, followed by a second lifetime as a HGV driver. Worked hard for every penny. No matter how bright or thick you are education isn't for everyone.
  6. Welcome back to todays type of fishing. You have to search long and hard to find a water that has natural fish. I find local water authority controlled waters the best. Or look for waters that are/where notoriously hard and folk aren't prepared to put the work in. Failing that "free" fishing if you can find any, as these aren't stocked.
  7. Unfortunately I hear this a lot, but unfortunately not all of us can exercise like we want or used to. As a former Parachute Regiment soldier I was arguably one of the fittest men in the country, however, age, disability, old injurys and more recently a stroke put paid to any form of exercise. Unfortunately I do have to eat, although I try to eat more healthy now. With being unable to exercise, I can walk unaided maybe a car length I went from a healthy 12 stone (just under 6'tall) to around 15 stone, it varies from week to week depending on the size of my Being overweight is not a
  8. When someone steals a shotgun to use in a robbery they never even think of its value, just chop it up and steal probably a fraction of its value in cash. That's if its a H&H, or similar. The thing is nowadays some of the top brands do fetch big money.....and a lot of the well known names like Winchester, Browning and a few others are all made in the same factory in Japan. I have a Miroku MK38 Sporter, identical working parts and action to a Browning, handles the same, fires the same yet was about a third of the price. Apart from the name the only other differences are the engraving on
  9. I'd love one, could never justify the outlay, be more than my house. Probably a COOEY, absolutely brilliant little guns. I bought one earlier this year for pennies, to teach my Grandson to shoot. My daughter fell in love with it and everybody that uses it does. I hope I never have to part with it. Think it was about £45 with a 3 month warranty. Its at least a 100 years old. Winchester bought out COOEY and produced it in their name as a Model 84. That of course is if its the same sort of gun
  10. Absolutely useless, they don't do them in 4xl for my size
  11. I bake bread at least once a week, never ever have i put sugar in it. Tastes fine. A little add on story here: My Granddaughter then aged 7, was in school and a lady from Warburton came in to talk about baking bread to the kids. Roll on a few minutes and my little varmint pipes up "What sort of idiot puts sugar in bread my granddad says...........". When I picked her up that day the headmistress said, "Can I just have a word please"
  12. She's a bit skinny but if she comes with the tent it might be worth it.
  13. Just make sure there's not too much weight on the back for when you stand up or it will tip. That's why I still have the pointy pole pushed in a few inches.
  14. Even stronger if you have one of these made up in solid alloy, I'm sure you could do this in a matter of minutes?
  15. Martin, one end clamps to leg of chair, other to brolly
  16. I'll put you a picture up later of a bracket that's ideal for the job,can't remember what they call it, so you'll have to search. I'd do it now but just come in from taking car for service MOT and need to put my feet up.
  17. Where we ever normal whatever that means to start with?
  18. If I'm catching its one rod, if I'm sat sitting and wishing and hoping it's two. Often I can put two rods out, then just sit back and enjoy the piece and quiet that fishing gives me. I bought a new armchair this year, probably one of the best purchase I ever made.
  19. You must be rich in Wakey & Leeds. £5.00 for 2 rods at a private lake I've found, or £3.40 at my local Dam Flask.
  20. Yeah me too, I'd rather fish any other method than pole or whip. Just no pleasure in it for me.
  21. Or a cunning plot by the chinese to take over the world
  22. Nice to have a good fish on a pin
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