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  1. We like to call this the random.. Quite rare. Not native to these lands and nobody seems to know when they were stocked but still they pop up occasionally. Mainly when nobody can actually tell what it is. Ok sorry.. Just in an odd mood.
  2. Ahhh this just made me chuckle nicely done pollple
  3. I did a lil drunken poll dancing in ibiza last month
  4. Haha I haven't heard (read) the word chuff in ages used for that. Made me smile.
  5. Yay... I got 4th highest today which is ummm 13th this month.
  6. I've just got back from a week in Ibiza and wanted to go fishing tomorrow due to one more day off before I have to go back to work. I figured i'd come on here to see what i'd missed and catch up on the last 3 pages of threads when I come across this. I'm just totally gobsmacked that they're still just thinking about a solution 2 years on from when they dumped a billion tonnes in!! I can't believe that its happened again albeit on a smaller scale, it still happened and just as the river was recovering. I live in Isleworth which is where they have just put hydrogen peroxide in to oxygenat
  7. Yeah i'll try and get some sorted out tonight then. Also to Hermes i'll try and include some pics of the floats
  8. Another 10' - 11' 2 piece rod that has absolutely no markings on it so no idea what it is.. Seems to have a nice curve and feel to it. A couple of real old reels: an Intrepid Black Prince and ummm a Galion 14R or something. Got a load of really nice floats, weights, rests and hooks / hooks to nylon. A bunch of the hooks are from woolworths when they used to sell half decent gear. The price tags say 14p ... Just makes me wonder how old they are Oh yeah and a nice Daiwa hold plus I think there is a brolly to come.
  9. I've just got my hands on my grandads old fishing gear. He's been dead for around 15 years and I think one of my uncles has had it a while but doesn't fish. One of the rods included was an Allcocks Superb 10ft Split Cane rod. Basically i'm wondering if anyone owns, has owned or knows anything about these rods? The rod number is A183 if that helps. Its in perfect condition with not a single scuff or scratch with original sleeve which again is mint without even a loose thread. Only thing i've found is this http://www.watsonsrods.co.uk/for_sale.htm (4 one down) Any info would be great
  10. I'm not really one to ask about rigs but i'm not too far from you so i'd say ya can't go wrong with the Thames to get back in to the swing of things. Plenty of Perch and Roach plus practically anything else for that matter.
  11. As an angler and cyclist i'd say on the cycle path / footpath the cyclist / pedestrian has right of way, however if there was an obstruction as I was riding past i'd just ride around it even if it meant going off the track slightly. An angler or couple walking side by side obviously aren't doing it on purpose just to get in the way. If i'm fishing in a spot where this becomes an issue I just keep my gear out of the way as much as possible.. Its all we can do. There are always going to be times when you don't see someone coming so something will be left in the way. Never going to be a 10
  12. I know this tackle shop is open on Sundays but only until around 12:00 - 12:30. http://www.applegate.co.uk/company/10/70/840.htm
  13. Can safely say i've never caught a frog.
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