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Pike anglers blamed, again!

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Hang about my local dams long enough and you see people marching around with poly-bags with perch, roach, trout, pike and anything that swims and they move fish around constantly and it's got nothing to do with pike fishing.


The fish are being sold on to the bait market. Well how the hell are they all the same size if that's the case? I could buy a million roach and I'd bet my life there's less than half an inch between the lot of them. What, do they blast-freeze the ones that are 4-5" long and bin the rest for being useless? If natural herds of roach were hitting the bait markets you'd get all kinds of sizes from one ounce to 2 lbs and you just don't. It doesn't happen.


People like the idea of having different species in their local waters. It's that simple. I bet if you look hard enough you'll suddenly find a water within 2 miles now has a massive heard of mixed roach. The bloke in the story did say they were different sizes..yes? I'd stake my life on it.


Look at fishery rules..."Anyone caught stealing fish will be prosecuted". Do you imagine for a second someone nets a fishery to collect roach for bait? Do they hell. Roach are dirt cheap. Prosecution isn't worth it and for someone who actually runs a bait business to be involved in something like that makes no sense. It's anglers who want species they didn't previously have closer to home to save on petrol.


It's simple economics. Fishing for your chosen species and PBs at that is expensive. If someone can bring those fish closer the home, they'll do it.


Why was there a trailer found at Lomond with barbel in it? They weren't for bait that's for sure. I'd bet my life that in a few years you'll hardly be able to tell one water apart from another by the species in it.


It's already like that in parts of England! How did that happen?....and it ain't eggs or birds legs. Think cars boots and tanks and you're on the right track.


It used to be pikers, then it's the Polish and now it's bait salesmen. Rubbish! It's ANYONE with enough savvy to want a fish enough to go to the lengths to put fish in a motor and bugger of with them.


I'm not buying the pikers story or the bait-salesmen story for a second. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but it doesn't happen anywhere like as often as being made out.



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But who was that masked man, who kept his identity secret the better to clean up the rivers? Unlike those who have previously obsessed about remarkably similar incidents on these very pages, this crusader keeps his identity guarded. It is rumoured that a giant searchlight recently bought by East Anglian fisheries officers may give a clue, but officers insist the initials stand for "Batman, Batman!".

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Typical of this countries mentality when it comes to dealing with a problem!


Dont bother to actually stop and deal with the problem (ie theft of the fish and the criminals doing it) but ban the use of course fish for bait full stop! It a right load of old ****** but like I said just so typical of this country and its people.


Maybe we should end the drink driving problem by banning the use of cars? end the fiddling of MP's by stopping all their expenses? stop drug and alcohol abuse by banning both? and so it goes on and bleedin on.....of course the real way to save the use of coarse fish for bait (either deasd or alive) would be to put a tax on it!!! no government would ban it then.


Mr Bitter & twisted



And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Apparently it's a complete load of rubbish. We (the PAC) spoke to the EA about the incident and their investigation and they said they saw no evidence of anything to confirm netting, there were bicycle tracks leading to the flattened grass area the great crime was supposed to have been committed on, and they thought it was just some kids on bikes stopping there for a while. The authors credibility has taken a knock again with yet another unsubstantiated and factually incorrect story. He must have been struggling to find something to fill his column inches with.


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