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Pike anglers blamed, again!

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Apparently it's a complete load of rubbish. We (the PAC) spoke to the EA about the incident and their investigation and they said they saw no evidence of anything to confirm netting, there were bicycle tracks leading to the flattened grass area the great crime was supposed to have been committed on, and they thought it was just some kids on bikes stopping there for a while. The authors credibility has taken a knock again with yet another unsubstantiated and factually incorrect story. He must have been struggling to find something to fill his column inches with.



Let me put you right on a few facts. There were no bycycle tracks, but deep groves cut into bank where ropes had been continually pulled up the bank. In a lifetime of walking along that bank I have seen one bike before,You can't ride bikes along there anyway. I have not seen any kids for years. There was broken nylon rope on the bank, fish scales, and thousands of fish that had just started spawning gone, this is an isolated place, you would have a job to find a piece of litter on this bank.

Let me tell you the fish were nicked. The official EA statement differs very much from the unofficial one believe you me . Only two people visited that site, and both were in agreement in what had happened, one was me and the other I have promised not to name him, or who he's employed by.

Too many people are making statements for goodness knows what reason try and to discredit this story, let me tell they weren't there, and havent got a clue what they are talking about. I only reported this for in the best interests of anglers and the eco system of the river. I begin to wish I had never bothered, I am now beginning to think that some anglers and their official bodies are their own worst enemies, and contribute to these crimes.


Let me try to put thing more simply: You come home and your car is missing from your driveway, there is glass from a smashed screen, a small piece of broken doorlock, and the end of a screwdriver laying nearby.

1 Do you say nothing happened?

2 It's just kids on bikes enjoying themselves?

3 Or do you say " some scumbags nicked my bloody car?

Why some people keep saying it's must be 1 or 2 beggars beleive.

You can all think what you like I have done my best to protect our sport. All I seem to have made is enemies, and out to be a liar, I give up.

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In fairness I don't think you can blame anyone reporting a possible crime for wishing to remain anonymous.

A lot of people don't bother, just through fear of repercussions.


Whilst we may not wish to think that fish are stolen for selling on as bait, restocking, or sale as food, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

"I gotta go where its warm, I gotta fly to saint somewhere "

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If Norton and his buddies hadn't been so quick to blame the pike fishing industry, yawn, then perhaps he would have been taken rather more seriously. But it really is a case of cry wolf cry. Allegedly the same thing happened at Potter Heigham a while back. It probably didn't, more like a match secretary was critiscised by his members for paying over the odds for a particular venue that didn't deliver on the chosen day. The EA were quickly on the job at Potter, their equipment quickly found the roach shoals, it was just that they had moved, naughty little fish!

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