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Homemade Groundbait?????

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Hi Everyone.Has anyone made groundbait with what they have hanging about in the kitchen cupboards??


If you have what do you recommend?


My 11 year old son and myself have put together crushed Branflakes, beadcrumbs a couple of crushed digestive biscuits and curry powder!We are going to add maggots when we get to the swim.

Do you think it will work or should I throw it in the bin!....I dont want to hurt the fish.


lancslass :P

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And if you want to give a try at doing your own paste, substitute wheat flakes for the bran flakes and play with them in the kitchen. You'll find the stuff gets nicely stiff in a few minutes after wetting. The gluten in the wheat does the trick.


I've no idea of the UK fish would go for it but a number of US species think highly of crushed wheat flakes and some strawberry flavor mixed in and made into a paste. Dunno if you folks have Kool-Aid powder for mixing drinks but if so, it does a great job of flavoring and adds lots of red color as well.

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Try adding a little powdered milk and half an Alka-saltzer tablet to your ground bait balls.

The milk provides a cloud effect, and the fizzing Alka-saltzer really does attracted the fish's attention.

Both work exceptionally well when fishing for Roach and skimmers.

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Noodles, spaghetti, pepperami, sauceage meat, luncheon meat,[chopped of course] soaked sultanas/rasins, cheese, tinned fish [ best not in brine] prawns, shrimp, you can add most things, what ever you think could work for you. You can use essences, flavours and colours too.

What you have left over can be frozen too.

Aswell as maggot you can add casters, but don't try to put them in the freezer after, the Mrs will kill you.


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Just another idea for dirt cheap groundbait...

If you have a biggish bakery nearby the chances are they will sell big bags of stuff they sweep from the floor around their machines. This is usually sold to pig farmers to make swill for pittance,a couple of pound a bag, but grab yourself a sieve and you'll get some quality crumb from it after you pick out the half loaves and big crusty bits!

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