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Guest Brumagem Phil

As someone has already said, lion sh*t works a treat........I believe you can buy it in garden centres now too.


Failing that, you need a nice humane trap......catch it, and take it to a cats home in another town and say you've just almost run it over and it was dazed (or similar story).


If that fails, fill in the pond, turf it over and buy yourself a lawn mower.

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If a cat owner is allowing his cats to damage other peoples property, in my opinion, they should accept the consequences.


'Tis but an opinion though. The law says different.

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The problem isn't what people don't know, it's what they know that just ain't so.
Vaut mieux ne rien dire et passer pour un con que de parler et prouver que t'en est un!
Mi, ch’fais toudis à m’mote

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