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Help to identify a pond weed please

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Hi All


I'm trying to identify a very nasty weed that has taken over a small pond I have.

It's grown all the way into the middle of the pond which is about 8ft deep.

It extends above the surface about a foot and has long tall stems thet look a little like thin chritsmas trees ,I will try and ad a pic but not sure if it will work !

I've tried to remove it manually but it just grows back in no time even after i've tried pulling up the roots :confused: .

Any ideas of how to get rid of it ?

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My first impression from your description is "parrots feather" official name "Myriophyllum Aquaticum"


There's a pic here but it's not an ideal representation of the species, another one here shows it getting a bit out of hand!

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It just might be Equisetum fluviatile, or water horsetail although I hope for your sake, or for your ponds sake, it is not. Horsetails are one of the oldest plant species on earth. They are living fossils, during the Jurassic period they grew as big as trees. They are just about indestructible.

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How big is the pond in question ie garden pond small or large I now you said about 8 ft deep what surface area. I may have some info that may help

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