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Legal advice needed, any solicitors on here?

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Looking for a bit of advice. I had an engine built that cost a lot of money and after less than 1000 miles it blew up. The engine builder has the car and engine is putting it right, but this is where the problem arises. I have been phoning on a regular basis asking if it is done and he is saying paid work is taking priority or he is waiting for parts. The car has been with him now 2 months and he will not give me a timescale, saying he is fitting it in when and where he can. I was just wondering what my legal position is and what I can demand? I am getting really annoyed now as I think it could go on and on. My original purchase only took 6 weeks to build.






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Go to a lawyer and get him to send him a letter.

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"Not fit for purpose" and a refund?

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Gonna say: it's standard trading standards to start with.

Not fit for purpose and your fully entitled to refund or resolution of issues within a reasonable pre arranged time period. You need to simply raise the issue with him, give him a suitable time scale and then tell him if he can't do it he can expect a call from trading standards.

I've done it before in a garage and TS even offered to talk to the garage bloke over the phone whilst I stood there! I walked out happy!

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