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  1. It's hard enough to get a peg on Lyms better waters at the moment as it is ,never mind with more members!
  2. Cheers Barry ,just looked on tinternet for some cold water tanks and it's come up with lots all different sizes etc .Any more information it would be greatly appreciated .This is my first pond some am a complete novice. I know built the pond already tho .I've read somewhere that a retro drain is worth thinking about tho .You had any experience with these Steve?
  3. Hi all Can anyone recommend a pond filter/pump for under £300 ,i've been thinking of the oase but they are expensive.I will have a mixture of fish and Plants ,it has no bottom drain ,it's also 625 Gallon .Am hopeing to keep a few Koi not many orfe and tench
  4. Must admit his late night post ware rather entertaining !
  5. doesn't look like there is any http://www.baymaltonanglingclub.org.uk/match_pages.html
  6. never had any luck on this water fished many of club matches on there as well.
  7. try putting your rod tip just below the water surface and twitching it downwards .Not the best method but does work with certain makes of line.
  8. RIP ,so sad only a year older than my self.
  9. Wen fishing for bit's i've often had pike sit under my feet and waite for me to put small prey fish back in more so with perch,.
  10. I must say i have to agree with wat Simon said . Congratulations on catching her first carp tho.
  11. HaHa i hate the sight of bight alarms/bivvies on rivers ,bit of a hypocrite really as I'm prepared to do it on still waters.
  12. I've gone back to the many different methods i used to use and catch plenty on before i started using the booms,it's just i was wondering if it was me or a design fault on the booms as they seem like a good idea but just don't seem to work so well(for me).Yeah at times i do use lighter hook lengths 12-10 ,10-8 ,8-6 ,6-5 fluoro carbon etc ,but at times it's just not needed to use a hook length ,and to be honest i haven't been snapt of for many of year (while specimen hunting) thats not to say i wont be soon.Just think over the years I've come to know when to use lighter hook links etc.Don't feel moulding lead around the swivel is a safe method tho as that's basically fishing a bolt rig, IMHO.rig tubing does the similar desired effect to as the lead imho, witch i slide over my swivels etc and weighs a considerable amount less imho.
  13. Bit of a novice question witch i used to be able to do but forgot ,not for carp it's for barbel.When fishing rivers it's very often ill use 8lb straight to the hook or 10lb and have no need to use swivels etc ,so am looking to simplify my rig by using a hair on my main line ,how do you do this(i ussally use a knotless knot)? Also does anyone use them "John Roberts Feeder Booms"?Every time I've used one ,2 out of ten cast it gets tangled so I've changed tactics .
  14. o right i get it now thanks for clearing that up.Don't agree with it but understand.
  15. I don't understand your point ,your saying that if we protect fish and show angling is a fare sport and not a blood sport (witch it would be if we killed for the pot )that the antis would disapprove of this in fav of killing fish?
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