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Opening Day Hat-Trick and a Pint!

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It was all planned. 9 of us from the Anglian Kayak Angling forum decided to meet up at Beccles and troll the Waveney, a river I've not fished for a good 15 years since my grandfather packed up fishing. We planned on ending up at the pub for a pint and crisps and then making our way back. Predictably I turned up late having other commitments and launched an hour late around 10am.

Just past the bridge heading upstream to Geldeston, I had my first fish of the new season, a teeny tiny Pike, that really wanted the MH 50mm Chunky Minnow.


Then, very shortly after, a feisty little Perch, on the same lure.


Having avoided a blank, I decided to play catch up and trolled somewhat heavier lures at higher speed to meet up with my fellow yakkers. I passed Andy and Simon, lagging behind the pack, had a natter and ploughed on, my heavier lure failing to produce the goods but ensuring that no weed was left anywhere in the river. I should get paid for such a service!!!

Finally I rocked up at the Locks Inn, my retinas assaulted by the glow of multicoloured kayaks festooning the staithe. After a particularly nimble, nay graceful dismount I wandered into the pub and had a pint with the guys. Didn't realise I was so thirsty!

After a good chat and a laugh, we all slowly made our way back to the yaks and began our merry way back to Beccles.

The first yak pack motored off at a fair rate, having various deadlines set by SWMBO and possibly having to collect various Spawn. I followed with 2 others shortly after, threatening youtube fame to any who mounted in a less than dignified manner. Unfortunately, they all displayed aplomb and balance in abundance and I began the paddle back.

This time I trolled more sedately for most of the way, apart from the few straights in which I was faced with a swine of a Northerly, funneled by the river. I just put my head down and ploughed through it.

About halfway back I was rewarded with 3 more perch in close proximity, again on the same MH Chunky Minnow, but didn't linger long. Think I could have picked out a few more with time, but time was not my friend as I had to pick Mesi up for half 5!


Round the next bend I had my 3rd species of the day! A fighting fit Chub. My first in 10 years or so and my first on a lure! Not a monster but I was made up. My first Hat-Trick on lures, EVER! :D


Then round a few more bends, into Beccles once again and another Micro-Pike. I could catch these all day, I really could. Perfectly formed, fit little fish that have ambition!

I then decided to have a cast around at a nice looking spot with the heavier rod and missed a bloody good fish that headbutted the bow as I brought the lure round it. It sort of hung there, seemingly dazed. Possibly a double but I only saw the head to be fair. Gutted but happy to see a better fish in the area.

So, 2 Micro Pike, 4 Perch and a Chub. All on the same lure. Not a bad day by any stretch. Plus I know where that pack of Perch hang out, not to mention the headbanger!

I'm pretty sure I'll be back! ;)

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This Years' Targets:- As many species by lure as possible. Preferably via Kayak. 15lb+ Pike on Lure...

Species Caught 2012- Pike, Perch.

Kayak Launches- Fresh-8 Salt- 0

Kayak Captures- 14 Pike, 1 Perch.


My Website and Blog Fishing Blog, Fishkeeping Information and BF3 Guide.

Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue

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Good stuff Renrag and a nice write up...felt I was there face.

Off upstream on the Thames for a fortnight from Friday evening with the kayaks attached to the mother ship so hope to have a few goes myself steve

We are not putting it back it is a lump now put that curry down and go and get the scales

have I told you abouit the cruise control on my Volvo ,,,,,,,bla bla bla Barder rod has it come yet?? and don`t even start me on Chris Lythe :bleh::icecream:

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Where have you been my good man.


Sounds as if a good time was had by all.


A suggestion - It is pretty well accepted snap swivels cause problems with some lures (like the one you are using). They will degrade performance - acting as a damper on lure action. The execption is when using spoons or spinners. I'd bet you can find a "message" if you Google "when to use a snap or snap swivel".


Hope to see you more regularly.




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Very nice report Renrag, cheers for sharing.



Species Caught 2014

Zander, Pike, Bream, Roach, Tench, Perch, Rudd, Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Eel, Grayling, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout

Species Caught 2013

Pike, Zander, Bream, Roach, Eel, Tench, Rudd, Perch, Common Carp, Koi Carp, Brown Goldfish, Grayling, Brown Trout, Chub, Roosterfish, Dorado, Black Grouper, Barracuda, Mangrove Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Tarpon, Red Snapper

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Species Caught 2007
Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Mekong Catfish, Spotted Sorubim Catfish, Pacu, Siamese Carp, Barracuda, Black Fin Tuna, Queen Trigger Fish, Red Snapper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Honeycomb Grouper, Red Grouper, Schoolmaster, Cubera Snapper, Black Grouper, Albacore, Ballyhoo, Coney, Yellowfin Goatfish, Lattice Spinecheek

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