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Question to the forum: Kayak fishing in the Essex area.


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Hi all


Just came across this forum and you know what you're all talking about,,,I'm in South Essex and work in Chelmsford so can get about anywhere in Essex,,just getting back into fishing after becoming a Dad many years ago and would like to take the family out a bit now my daughter is older now,,my wife got me fishing as Her father was a match angler and good at it as well,,,,I mainly fish for carp and do float fish as well and have abeach caster but not had much luck at that yet,,,,I'm looking to go to Chelmsford canoe club for advice on rivers and would like to combine the two kayaking and river fishing in Essex and on the Stour and someone mentioned the Blackwater, any advice would really be appreciated ,,,

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Hi Les and welcome to Anglers' Net.


You'll have better luck starting a new topic in the coarse fishing section where more members will see it. Just include kayaking & Essex river fishing in your title.

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