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The state of the rivers

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I fished the Trent between Swarkestone and Willington on Saturday. Arrived at dawn when the river was up and going through at a fair lick. Caught one chub and lost what was probably a barbel but they were the only bites in 7 hours. Packed up at 2pm when I suddenly realised that my feet were wet, it had risen over 12 inches whilst I had been there. I was thinking of trying the Wissey at Hilgay this weekend but if that is too high The Cut off channel or even the Great Ouse are alternatives although with more persistent rain forecast even they could be difficult. Here in mid Norfolk twixt Swaffham and Dereham I have recorded almost 90mm this month and with a couple of ewet days to go it may make a 100 or 4 inches.

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fished the hampshire avon this week (mon-wendsday),


teh river had gone over the banks,into the fields,and it was running through like a train....visibilty was down to about 7-8 inches.


hard work for very little reward....


what a river tho...i will go back and i will get my reward!

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The Thames is down a little bit now, but it's still well over its banks. Plenty more rain to come in the next couple of weeks too...


(We still have a hosepipe ban!)

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