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From Jack to a real pike....

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Is that because they take a percentage of your catch Mark?



Yeah, I believe so. I fished there daily for 3 months in 1991 and happily never lost a fish to a shark - we were trolling tuna at around 15kg's as 90% of our catch (off Protea Reef) and just had to crank them in asap to avoid them being taken. I saw a few lost by the charters we took out though, and apparently they now lose as many as 1 in 3 fish on a bad day. There are a lot of big sharks around that reef, and a lot migrate that way too it seems. I get the odd photo sent to me of huge fish (you think a 35lb pike is big?) which are just heads and some bits of tissue, weighing ridiculous amounts for a UK fisherman to think about.


Biggest Johnny I saw were a tiger of around 14ft and something that was a few feet longer than the 14'6" ski-boat I was on on that occasion. Maybe 18ft? Had a sharks fin and was casting a large shadow but as it was choppy that day I couldn't tell much more from what i could see. Reeled in VERY slowly I can tell you, i wanted that fish on! Biggest I got was a 9ft Zambezi (Bullshark).


Went out with the Natal Sharks Board a few times too, and had a whale surface by the boat when we were at 28 metres below on a dive and were none the wiser until we surfaced and were told. Dolphins used to come around the boat regularly too, and used to be great to observe on the fishfinder when they dived under us. Also sat over 10-15 metres of dagga or geelbek salmon once, all night, and of all the rods and bait we had on board only one (and 1 other type of fish) were caught! We knew what they were because someone had beached a full boatload of them (he had a commercial licence) that day and had let us know where. He had nothing much that night either from memory. Good memories, bad sunburn!

Wetter than an otter's pocket.

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It makes me laugh that on tv, and online, when a pike under 10lb is caught, it's called a Jack and refered to as 'him'.


So are all female pike born weighing 10lbs? I think not!


As for what's a lady pike called, me a mate like to called them names to do with their weight. We've caight Jemima the niner, but really both of us want to be the first to catch Gertie the thirty!!!


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