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I was out and about in our small town centre yesterday. I could hardly move from one shop to another without being accosted by various females. Some I knew, some I had seen around town but never spoken to, some I'd never even seen before. They varied in age from early twentys to middle age, and various shapes and sizes, and all bar one was sober. They all stopped me to chat, took my arm, or just smiled and hung around a while. Now what causes this reaction to a 65 yr old, balding, overweight, bloke like me? I couldn't blame anyone in my position naively thinking that they still had 'it', whatever 'it' is, and assuming they ever had 'it' in the first place. It was all down to one thing, not an aftershave, a natty new suit, or anything like that, it was simply 'the small baby effect'. I was pushing my new grandson around, because his mum had a dental appointment, and wanted to go shopping to buy my son, (his dad), a birthday present. It's been several decades since I pushed mine around in their prams, and I'd forgotten the effect it has on women. They crossed the road to talk to me and ask his name, age, and tell me how cute/lovely he was. I couldn't nip in and out of a shop like normal, I was ambushed at every checkout and exit, Although very nice, it felt very strange, and reminded me of the times it happened with my two.

On one occasion many years ago, I was standing in our local supermarket, with the pram, waiting for my wife, when I was suddenly surrounded by a half dozen or so young female members of staff, because it was my local I knew most of them pretty well. One of them was drooling over my son as he giggled in his pram, and she turned to me and said, "Oh, he's gorgeous, can I have one"? I replied, jokingly, "Sure but I'm a bit busy at the moment, what time do you finish"? The girls and I laughed at the joke, but it was interrupted by a slapping sound, and a sharp pain at the back of my head. I hadn't realised my wife was standing behind me! Luckily she knew me and the girl well enough to know it was all said in jest.


Any single lads out there, borrow a baby for a while, and see the reaction.



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Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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Ugly dogs work as well ,my old staffie cross drew them in

Believe NOTHING anyones says or writes unless you witness it yourself and even then your eyes can deceive you

None of this "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" crap it just means i have at least two enemies!


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:clap3: :clap3:

"La conclusión es que los insultos sólo perjudican cuando vienen de alguien que respeto". e5006689.gif

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You are right in what you say gozzer :sun: Their draw is irresistable.. We are very fortunate in having a lot of babies/toddlers in our life.


Check out our youngest grandson Oscar,he is a babe magnet :thumbs:







Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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