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The Flying Tench

Finding a leak

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I have just built several shallow ponds for aquatic plants over stone using pond felt on the base and lined them with DPM plastic sheeting and they work well even though some of the pots weigh in at around a 100lb when wet, so pond liner over pond felt should do the trick.


Thanks, Ken



john clarke

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I would agree with the solution. I have just redone my pond due to the same problem (but not as shallow as yours had gone) I used rubber this time instead of butyl as it stretches and is less likely to hole. A little more expensive but hopefully cheaper in the long run. (try claiming on a 20 year liner warranty after 5 anyway...) I got a mini digger and enlarged and deepend mine at the same time though.


PS. mini diggers are real mens toys :thumbs::rolleyes:


Don't seek a second opinion.



Fish Paintings

Linocut fishy prints..

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