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Posted on behalf of John. Please add all replies to this thread:


does anyone out there know where i can get a bait apron or bait smock from other than the

daiwa one?

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Johns not the only 1 thats all there is on bloody ebay, and dont say try our local tackle shop mine have about a dozen stick floats in!

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After lots of searching, I found a place that supposedly sold a Shakespear bait apron.


I put in my order and then the weeks turned to months as they waited for new stock to come in.


Finally it arrived.


For some strange reason, Shakespear have put a fine mesh at the bottom of the pockets,


Just big enough for maggots to squeeze through, and for the bread crumb to not only leak out, but to dry out too.



It now hangs uselessly in the shed until I can think of a way to seal the useless mesh

(what is the thinking behind that anyway?)




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Shakespeare have a waist apron in their Quba range, costs about £7.00.


Just seen Leon's Post not a lot of good then. :wallbash:

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What do you think if the float does not dip, try again I think.

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I have one of the Shakespeare efforts too. They can be useful when wading - - - -continuous


drip of loose feed :lol: :lol: If any one should find an easy(and effective) way of sealing the mesh I would be most grateful.

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