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  1. Velcro strip in various widths can be purchased in most haberdashery outlets. It connects at both ends !!
  2. Still drop in on a daily basis because sometimes something amusing or informative pops up. My ancient bones won't let me get onto the bank unless I have fit company (Grandson home from Uni is useful).All of my local angling mates have now crossed the bar,and this site does offer a pastime for a few minutes a day. Don't think a Fish-In is within my reach.I enjoyed the Itchen a few years back but that probably wouldn't work for me any more.
  3. Thank you very much Ken L
  4. Hi Everybody, can anyone shed some light on the missing "Musketeers" programme last Saturday evening?
  5. That was very well spotted...........
  6. Thank you very much for that Post Newt. Well worth watching.
  7. A small packet of "Wet-Wipes" may ease the problem while you are on the bank.
  8. I have found that CragHoppers solve the issues that you are experiencing. The light weight "Solardry" are less expensive than the fancy ones that pull apart to make shorts.
  9. Hello John, I don't often bother the keyboard but I feel that I have to say Many Happy returns of your very good birthday. :clap3:
  10. Cyranne12

    I i

    Idle Back (Rod Rest)
  11. Why not try Korums own KXi Freespin reel? RRP is a penny less than your budget,but at least one dealer does it for £5 less. I have one paired with a Grey Specialist Feeder and I can't fault it.
  12. I really enjoyed that refresher. Thanks JV
  13. :bigemo_harabe_net-163:
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