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Newbie back sorry, pellets?

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Philo and Terry have both put it better than I could ;)


Don't be afraid to ask questions, answering them is one of the things we like :)

John S

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Thanks for your replies, I'll be back with lots more basic questions as the weeks go on.

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There are as many ways of attaching pellets as there are inventive anglers !


Here is one for the heavier, larger halibut pellets - those that come with ready-made holes..


You need - pellets, baiting needle, scissors, small elastic bands. The first three should be in your tackle box already, and a few elastic bands won't take up much room and can be useful in many other ways.


Do I have to spell it out ? Needle through hole, use hook to pull elastic band** back through hole, boilie stop or (better and cheaper) grass stem through loop, pull tight, trim other end with scissors to leave 1/8" elastic band tag for hook. You now have a tagged pellet, just like those that you can buy in the shop !


The spare elastic will do two or three other pellets while you wait for the monster tench to eat the first one.


With the simple plain hook you can change pellets (or change to another bait) quickly, as you don't need to mess about with hair-rigging.


** obviously you need to select a sensible sized band in the first place - the counter at your local stationers will have a good selection - one packet will last about five seasons .

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