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Could not agree more. Then eradicate the crap in Tassie.


Re the Murray/Darling system; I remember that in 1972 at the Barwon River in Collarenerbri, one could easily dip an ordinary landing net and catch as many as 200 3 to 4 inch mudsuckers. The water was clear in those days, today it is long stretch of muddy pools. Indeed, in the late 1800s, paddle steamers regularly plied the river. No more, I am sad to say, due to bank erosion and redgums toppling into the river from all the mud sucking verminous crap.




Cheers, Bobj.

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Whilst I can hardly ever "get away" to carp fish much any longer I can still read about this amazing fish. I love almost every aspect of their adaptability. Still, I can site example after example where bobj is RIGHT ON!. Eradicate is a bit of a powerful word but I doubt that would be possible so it really doesn't matter. The point is time after time carp are rightly accused of creating a severe imbalance in nature. However, I am not especially fond of introducing a disease into the environment - for any reason - for any species.

The make great agricultural fertilizer.






My "record" is having caught 5 carp on a 6 hookpoint lure - and 4 were lip hooked. All less than a pound.

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