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Norfolk Fisheries


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Hello BB


I reckon you're best bet judging by your criteria might be Hevingham's Cobbleacre Lakes. It's a good little mixed fishery with some fair Carp in it. It's not too far from Stalham round about 15 miles cross country I reckon.


Peter Wallers right by saying that a lot of the fisherys next to the rivers are staying closed. Places like Martham Pits will be shut.


Reepham Fisheries fits the bill but is another 7 or 8 miles further than Hevingham. Erm where else?


Gimingham is pretty close to where you'll be about 5 or 6 miles or so but peronally I don't think it's that nice a place to fish. Lot's of rats, the furry and human kind.


Theres Holly Farm in Souh Walsham but I think thats full of little Carp. Not even sure if thats staying open as it's fairly close to the broad.


Theres a place called Mill Farm Lakes in Felmingham which is pretty close to you but I don't really know anything about it, never seen the place.


Gunton Park estate lake should be open and is quite a pleasent place to fish not very well known for it's Carp but they're there up to mid-20's. Lots of Bream.


If I think of any more I'll let you know..

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That's fantastic Dan, cheers. I reckon I might give the rat fest a miss! But that one near Stalham sounds like a very good call.


Think I may have fished Mill Farm Lakes last year and blanked. It was after the easter hols and a local said it'd been so busy with kids and others chucking in kilo upon kilo of boilies that he reckoned nobody would catch for a few days!!


...having said that my mate did catch a small ghostie that day! But the bigguns definitely weren't bothered.


Cheers Dan for the detail and effort.




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Hi Boozy,


Sorry for late reply, forgot my password for this site and the system locked me out so had to re-register lol.


OK you want a fishery close to where you are staying in Dilham?.......With the close season yuo will be slightly restricted to waters very close to the Broads and being out in the sticks and only having 1 days fishing etc and not travel far I can only give ya a couple of options.........


1st being DILHAM FISHERY on Chapel Rd (ya cant get much closer than that!!) be carfull as you go round the corner, the turning for the fishery is on the bend!!! Not huge Carp as the waters are only newly refurbished (if thats the right word) -


Every type of Carp stocked, Mirrors from 1lb-10lb

Tench up to 5lb...Including Golden Tench

Rudd up to 1lb

pure crucian up to 2lb


Mandy said their are no Roach in the waters but don't you beleive it!! I've caught em!! lol


Adults £5.00 for 1 rod and £1 for a second rod.

Under 14's £4.00 for 1 rod


Beautiful fishery, toliets on site, food also, they will cook ya a good bacon and egg sarnie with a cuppa and bring it to ya peg!! Bargain!


Children are very welcome


No Keepnets, no Barbed hooks and no ground bait


tip of the day......pack a tin or 2 of sweetcorn or lunchon meat and try and get on peg 2, fish about 4ft (ish) deep and by the island where the resident duck sits ;) ........... Just to be on the safe side take a few Bronze and Red maggot to fill up the Rudd to they go away! lol


All the others are a bit far unless ya leave at the crack of dawn


Barford lakes - Cracking carp and Tench but over an hrs drive from Dilham........

Cobbleacres again about an hrs drive


Another one Burgh castle fisheries - not fished it myself but know they have Carp in the 30's heres the number for them........Darren Squires, 07919080961


If ya want a fwe more further away just shout :D



Good luck

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Sorry for late reply, forgot my password for this site and the system locked me out so had to re-register lol.


If you'd like, we can reset your password and send you the new one so you can log on and change it to something that suits you. Takes just a couple of minutes.


Just say what your old ID was and you can soon be using it again.

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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Brilliant Karren thanks very much.


That's it decided, we're staying in Dilham so we'll fish in Dilham! Sounds like a lovely little water. Never caught a golden tench or a crucian, and the bacon and egg sarnie with a cuppa brought to my peg, well it can't get a lot better than that!!!


Thanks, and thanks to Chavender too.


Cheers Peter and Dan and all else for help. See you in a week, hopefully with lots of pictures of me and jack with nice fish.




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Hi Newt, thank you for that - I was having a major Blonde moment.............again!! It was the "C2 on the end of my name I forgot to add lmaooo, all sorted now.


Peter Hellooooooooo, all is well and good here thank you, good to see ya again and hope you are keeping well yourself. I always have a look in and never far away, just glad I could be of help to someone rather than te other way around,


Jeff, that what forums are all about :D good init! hahahhaahha


Boozy...if ya havent already left (ya probably have......here is a pic of peg 1, peg 2 is right by the tree on ya right, see the island on the left? Thats where ya wanna dip in :D


Bare in mind this pic was taken last summer




Hope the pic worked :huh:

Real women don't have hot flushes - They have power surges!!
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Oops!! Sorry Newt...Seems the pic went 3 times :rolleyes: I can't edit it to remove 2 of them...Please feel free to delete them :D




*Slaps own wrist! lol

Real women don't have hot flushes - They have power surges!!
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