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I have a 22" Acer monitor that is pretty old but has been a really good screen. Sudenly, just now it has gone pink?

My desktop background is dark blue and all the icons are flourescent pink.

When I open a page what should be a white background is the same flouresent pink.

What seems to be missing is green.

Never seen anything like this before.

I run two screens and the other one is normal so I assume it is not a video card problem

Anyone know if it might be fixable before I junk it?






All gone back to normal


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Not likely "normal" for long. Since there is no such color as "pink" it occurs when red is at 100% and both blue and green are equally at about 80% (depends on what shade of "pink" you have). All three colors make white. So you have white with a bias of red.


You've probably had a doomsday warning from Acer.



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Perhaps the vga lead has come loose ? And if you have just unplugged the vga lead and it went pink carefully check for a bent pin .

If its hdmi try another lead

If not its a great excuse to buy a bigger one at not to bad prices nowadays ,i remember a few years ago sweating infront of a 24" plasma one i bought second hand that originally cost over 500 quid (i grabbed it for £8 at a boot fare) now a bigger better one is less than a fith of that new


You should have the way of twiddling the colour onnthe monitor menu on the monitor itself,if its pink without being connected its bust

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seen something as simple as a dodgy vga cable/bent pin like chesters said and although the card may appear to be working because of other monitor it could be the socket on the board for that particular channel.


bit of trial and error swaping cables and monitors should narrow it down.

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