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The Flying Tench

Goundbaiting deep river using feeder

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No - red is not red in 48 inches of water. Red begins to disappear into grey gray at about 30 - 36 inches


Martin, No - Capsaicin is the key to "Robin Red" - It is most effective if only ONE angler is using it otherwise it overwhelms the senses of the quarry. - - - FYI Capsaicin is brutal to warm blooded mammals. It was added to bird feed to keep the squirrels and other 4 legged critters out. It has no affect/effect on birds.


Capsaicin is very effective in still water when used in conjunction with n-Butyric acid. n-Butyric acid is a truly amazing carp attractor and one of the most effective additional additives to capsaicin should other anglers be using Robin Red on the same venue


CAUTION - - - - ALWAYS USE GLOVES WHEN USING n-BUTYRIC ACID. It is the smell of rancid butter and WILL NOT COME OUT OF ANY FABRIC - EVER - Ever - ever



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