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Perch in coloured water

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Nice to hear the Ruffe (Tommies) seem to be doing OK in some parts of the country. They used to be Match winners on tough days on the Yorkshire rivers. I came 3rd with 4 1/2 oz (all Tommies) on the Leeds Amalgamation Fur & Feather back in the 70's (I was drawn at Dunsforth I think?) - 300+ Anglers and won the princely sum of £36, a bottle of sherry & a chicken for also winning my section.

I lost a silver fish about 3 or 4 oz which would have won outright.

6 3/4 oz won it!!

My apprentice Engineers weekly wage was then about £12.

 3 weeks wages then - Thank you very much!

I was under age & had to wait outside the pub for the result!! Geoff Lister came out & told me the result.

Gozzer - do you remember him??


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Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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I must confess I wasn't really thinking about pike as I don't really fish for them any more. If you've found some good spots then fill your boots! The locks on the stretches I fish the most have never really been that great but if yours are good, good!

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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I have done really well in the past in lock cuts with live baits but only after she has been up for at least a week or so ,I’ve also turned up in these conditions and really struggled 

this winter we have been fishing a backwater bit that has a spring fed lake emptying into it and where the dirty Thames water and clear spring water meet on a crease was predator heaven 

must of been a zillion Roach sheltering in the calm but tap water clear bit underneath and around a couple of moored boats ,interesting watching the reaction of the Roach to tiny ultra lite jigs worked slowly ...gutty Perch of the wasps size would beat them to the lure but the bigger Roach certainly showed interest 


We are not putting it back it is a lump now put that curry down and go and get the scales

have I told you abouit the cruise control on my Volvo ,,,,,,,bla bla bla Barder rod has it come yet?? and don`t even start me on Chris Lythe :bleh::icecream:

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