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A Few Orchids

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My advice is dont get them near my mrs she can kill air plants!

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5 hours ago, Vagabond said:

Hi Bobj    We have a range of orchids indoors.   Cymbidiums, Cattleya, Masdevallia, Odontoglossums, Oncidiums, Paphiopedilums, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium.       All flower regularly except the Dendrobiums, all three of which flowered once, two years ago, but nothing since.

Have followed what the books say re watering, humidity, temperature, light etc, but they show no sign of flowering.  Good healthy new growth but no flower buds.   We must be missing something, Dendrobia are supposed to be easy to grow and flower.   Any comment ?

Let the dendrobiums dry out for a week, or so, then drown them, so to speak. Also, put them in an outside setting, away from wind an any frosts. If they are getting good, new growth, that is a good sign they should flower in the next year. Most orchids. Require 70% shade, or dappled shade. Winter is their ‘rest’ period, so reduce waterings.
Wish I could grow cymbids, but they need six weeks of very cold weather to get them to flower. 




Cheers, Bobj.

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A cousin of mine, been living in Oz since the 60’s has a vast following of his and his wife’s orchid growing skills.

I’ve bought a few for the wife but the same as Chesters, they die with monotonous regularity.

Beautiful plants though Bob, well done.

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