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Hi phone,

You're looking well, a little battle scarred¬†like the rest of us, but on the whole not too badūüėČ.¬†

I've never knowingly inflicted an image of myself on anyone, especially on line, I've an aversion to having my picture taken anyway, and get annoyed with my family when they do, so your one up on me in that.

As to the onions, I've had similar at TGI Fridays, and other 'Texmex' eateries, and enjoyed them.

Take care mate


Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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I thought long and hard about posting a picture. FIRST one ever since joining  March, 2001.

I was saving the idea in case I ever caught a fish. Thought me with a fish would be a novel idea



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