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So, another river season is over. How did it go for you? Was your fishing affected by Covid? Do you have plans to do anything differently in the new season?

For me the summer was affected by a house move. The main effect of covid on the winter was that a number of times when the Thames was up I'd have liked to fish the lock cuts, but the EA didn't issue permits this year because of covid. In the coming season I plan to treat myself to  a couple of fishing breaks, the first of which will be to Christchuch with the Stour and Avon and maybe a dabble in the sea. Something to keep thinking about during these next few weeks.

john clarke

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Hi John - just count myself fortunate that we were allowed to angle at all!!! Staying local had the biggest impact - no trips outside the county to fish the Frome and or Itchen for big grayling - meant my half year permit for DDAS went unused will certainly want to rectify that next winter!

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Hi John, a strange season. I rationalised my club books last year and only have one membership of a syndicate stretch of the Kennet, a cracking water but a 15 mile trip into another county. I did get out a couple of times during the latter part of the season but was conscious that it wasn't really 'local' to me. I've retired now so hoping that by the new season we are less restricted and I can look at some different clubs. I really missed the Thames Lock and Weir Permit but I probably wouldn't have been able to travel to the venues anyway.

All the best


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I’ve been limited to fishing a local estate lake belonging to one of my clubs which is just a mile or so down the road mainly for its Carp and also a couple of other smallish lakes about a similar distance from my home belonging to my other club which are basically match lakes, so my stream and river fishing; which I enjoy the most; has been drastically reduced this last year because they are between 8 to 10 miles away and more from my home and not looked on as being local.

The estate lake is fairly remote and devoid of anglers as membership is restricted to only a small number of members and doesn’t have any public access but even though there are many Carp in there up to around 28lb there’s only so much Carping I can do before I start to get weary of catching the same old fish over and over again; other than Bream and smallish Roach and Rudd; as there’s no Tench or Crucians present since it was badly polluted several years ago and all of our Tench and Crucians were wiped out. However we are hoping to get some more Tench and Crucian back in the lake again later this year.

Now is the time of year that I start to concentrate on catching Tench however as of yet I don’t have any local waters with many of them in. But hopefully when the Covid restrictions alllow us to move further afield in the next few weeks everything will be looking a lot better (hopefully).


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